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Electric Cars Are a Lot Like Water Heaters

By Jim Lazar
People unfamiliar with electric cars often fear that a blossoming of EV ownership will bring chaos to the electric grid. For example, I recently spoke with the manager of a beach resort who was fearful of adding an EV charger, thinking it would create a huge additional power load. She didn’t realize that even a minor impact is largely avoidable. How can this... Read More

美国电力监管点评 — 当各州监管权遇到跨区电力市场:界线在哪?

By Michael Hogan
原则上,美国跨州电力批发市场由联邦能源监管委员会(FERC)监管,而电力零售市场由各州监管。各州监管权界限问题也历经漫长而动荡的过程。随着电力批发市场的演化,虽然州权力的争执对有组织的批发电力市场构不成重大影响,但州权与电力批发市场监管的界线却偶有... Read More

A Trans-Atlantic Take on Building Efficiency: Lessons from Germany and New England

By David Farnsworth, Jan Rosenow
Despite being an ocean apart, Germany and New England are similar in many respects. More than 75% of energy used for residential heat in both places relies on natural gas or heating oil. And both have adopted ambitious energy and climate goals — Germany committing to cutting carbon emissions from buildings by two-thirds below 1990 levels by 2030, and the New En... Read More

Paying our way out of purgatory? Is carbon pricing enough?

By Louise Sunderland
After the Pope backs a carbon tax to stem global warming, Louise Sunderland argues that only when coupled with the strategic use of the revenues will carbon taxes be efficient and cost-effective enough. This month, Pope Francis announced that carbon pricing was “essential” to stem global warming, which “threatens the very future of the human family.” ... Read More


国际电力改革和气候变化季报回顾近期全球电力行业和气候变化政策和监管的最新进展,并摘选一些我们认为对中国特别相关的进展,以供参考。 1) 美国:燃煤发电量持续下降 美国能源信息署报告称,2018年美国燃煤净发电量占总发电量的比重从2015年的35%下降至2018年的2... Read More

Why I replaced my new gas boiler with a heat pump

By Jan Rosenow
After installing a new air source heat pump in my home, I posted a photo on Twitter, delighted about the carbon emissions we will save. My celebration, however, was short-lived. The post triggered an intense discussion with many people feeling that my decision to replace my six-year-old gas condensing boiler was unjustifiable. "Ripping out a perfectly well functi... Read More

Regulatory Reform is a Game of Hopscotch, Not a Flying Leap

By Jessica Shipley
The changes underway in the electricity industry are well documented: Demand is flat or declining; renewable energy and storage technology costs are plummeting; utilities and third parties are offering customers new technologies and services; and the need to cut emissions is increasing. And there’s a growing recognition that adapting to these changes requires n... Read More

New Approaches Needed to Value India’s Energy Resources

By Rasika Athawale
Central and state renewable energy procurement agencies in India cancelled approximately 7,000 MW of tenders for solar and wind capacity addition in 2018. They reason that delaying procurement will lead to savings in purchase costs, since the levelised cost of energy for new projects is generally lower than the cost of old ones. The hidden costs of delaying rene... Read More

Drei Strategien zur Integration von E-Fahrzeugen

By Julia Hildermeier, Andreas Jahn
Elektrofahrzeuge bieten erhebliche wirtschaftliche und ökologische Vorteile, damit sind sie ein wesentlicher Bestandteil einer sauberen Mobilität und der Verkehrswende. Ob diese Vorteile tatsächlich realisiert werden, hängt jedoch davon ab, wie optimal E-Autos in unsere Stromnetze eingebunden werden. Gelingt die Netzintegration, profitieren nicht nur Nutzer d... Read More


By Julia Hildermeier, Christos Kolokathis
众所周知,电动汽车(EV)革命价值非凡,可以为电力系统、经济、环境和气候带来广泛效益。然而,这些效益是否会实现,在很大程度上取决于电动汽车与电网的整合程度。如果整合得当,电动汽车可以实现清洁能源和清洁交通的转型,既便宜又互利。 很多人都知道电动... Read More