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Electricity Reforms in India Depend on Getting the Politics Right

By Navroz Dubash, Sunila Kale, Ranjit Bharvirkar
The Indian economy is among the fastest-growing in the world. Sustaining this growth requires a healthy electricity sector that is able to meet increased demands, ideally alongside an eye to environmental sustainability. Yet electricity consumers continue to face unreliable supply, distribution utilities are in poor financial health, and, most problematic, pow... Read More

Replacing copper with negawatts—how RIIO-2 could revolutionise network regulation

By Jan Rosenow
Ofgem’s recent framework decision on improving its performance-based regulation scheme, RIIO, indicates that it may be ready to take a much-needed step toward levelling the playing field between supply-side and customer-side resources. However, it is not yet clear what the details will look like. According to Jan Rosenow of the Regulatory Assistance Project, a ... Read More


By Orrin Cook, Frederick Weston
睿博能源智库专家认为,中国的自愿性可再生能源市场潜力巨大,如果进一步健全监管框架,补全市场机制,中国将很可能出现大量的自愿性可再生能源需求。 2015年以来,美国企业正越来越多地认购可再生能源,美国新增可再生能源利用的主要推动力是企业用户与可再生能... Read More

Voluntary Renewable Energy Markets in China: Key Conditions for Unlocking Demand

By Orrin Cook, Frederick Weston
During the summer of 2017, at the Eighth Clean Energy Ministerial in Beijing, Center for Resource Solutions co-presented a side event highlighting the growing demand for renewable energy in China and new market initiatives, including the Green Electricity Consumption Cooperative Organization. With the concurrent launch of a voluntary renewable energy certificate ... Read More

We All Wish We Were More Flexible: Electrification Load as a Grid Flexibility Resource

By David Farnsworth
Imagine you are preparing dinner for guests arriving at 6 p.m. when you learn that they’ve been delayed. And imagine that, instead of keeping the food hot, you had to throw all of it away and start cooking again for the actual time they come in the door. Wasteful and unacceptable, right? If you are an electric utility providing energy for consumption at a speci... Read More


By David Farnsworth, Jessica Shipley, Jim Lazar, Nancy Seidman
前言 本文为共益电气化:确保电气化实现公共利益 (英文版)摘要第二篇。尽管对于电力公司,消费者和公共环境来说,共益电气化可以带来巨大的创新和机遇,但共益电气化需要各州的行动支持,才能实现相关的利益。本节概述了重要的政策先决条件,实施流程和其他有... Read More

Energy efficiency could cut UK home energy use in half

By Jan Rosenow
“We have done all the easy stuff on energy efficiency,” Dr. Jan Rosenow was told during a 2016 workshop organised by the National Infrastructure Commission on the future of heat in the United Kingdom. Some participants felt that energy efficiency is just too difficult. It was after that workshop that a group of energy efficiency experts got together to answer... Read More


By David Farnsworth, Jessica Shipley, Jim Lazar, Nancy Seidman
前言  本文为睿博能源报告《共益电气化:确保电气化实现公共利益》 (英文版)的部分摘要,简要介绍共益电气化的概念,条件以及实现最大化效益的六大准则,以帮助政策制定者和监管者形成和评估电气化战略。 本系列报告还将包含其他三篇报告,它们分别为监管者... Read More

Making China’s Electricity Markets Work for Clean Energy

By Max Dupuy
As part of the Chinese central government’s power sector reform effort, several provinces have been developing electricity markets. The next stage of this undertaking—design and implementation of “spot markets”—could bring many benefits, including system flexibility to support wind and solar generation, a better-functioning carbon market, rational price... Read More


By Max Dupuy
为落实中国政府2015年电力改革方案,一些省份一直在致力于发展电力市场。中国国家能源局要求8个试点省区推出“现货市场” ,并要求其中一些省级市场在今年年底开始运营。 改革的下一阶段是设计和实施“现货市场”,据报道这些市场将会包括日前市场和实时市场以及... Read More