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Presentation February 4, 2020

Monetizing Health Benefits from Efficiency and Renewables

By Nancy Seidman

​In a briefing for the Massachusetts Legislature, Nancy Seidman described significant health benefits resulting from efficiency and renewables and highlighted an innovative new Environmental Protection Agency tool useful for quantifying those benefits....

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Presentation January 23, 2020

Energy Efficiency — Restoring Scenic Beauty, Benefiting Health

By Nancy Seidman

At an American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy conference in New Orleans, Nancy Seidman highlighted progress in Arkansas, where a cutting-edge regional haze plan incorporates emissions reductions from energy efficiency, as well as its use of a new Environmental Protection Agency tool that quantifies health benefits from energy efficiency....

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Presentation January 18, 2020

Role of Demand Flexibility

By Rasika Athawale

At the one-day workshop on power system transformation at Maharashtra state-level, which was organized by IEA, NITI Aayog and Prayas, Rasika Athawale spoke of the role of demand flexibility for higher integration of VRE into the state grid. She presented results from E3 India model to demonstrate benefits of a higher RE share to the state’s macroeconomy. She co...

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Presentation January 16, 2020

Beneficial Electrification of Transportation

By David Farnsworth

​In a presentation at the Southeast Energy Forum in Atlanta, David Farnsworth explored how regulators can support cost-effective, equitable and environmentally beneficial electric vehicle infrastructure investments....

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Presentation January 16, 2020

Beneficial Electrification: Ensuring Electrification in the Public Interest

By Megan Anderson

​In a presentation at a Western Clean Energy Advocates meeting in Berkeley, California, Megan O'Reilly described electrification principles and implementation strategies to benefit customers, grid management and the environment....

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Report January 16, 2020

Opzioni di riforma del mercato per un sistema energetico affidabile, efficiente e a emissioni zero in Italia

By Christos Kolokathis, Michael Hogan

Nella recente proposta di Piano nazionale integrato per l’energia e il clima, l'Italia ha fissato degli obiettivi ambiziosi per aumentare le quote di energie rinnovabili e si è impegnata a chiudere tutte le centrali a carbone entro il 2025. In seguito a tali sviluppi, alle preoccupazioni sulla sostenibilità economica delle centrali elettriche e alla generale ...

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Regulatory and Market Guidelines on Key Insights and Considerations of Priority Areas for Renewable Integration in India

By Ranjit Bharvirkar

As India progresses toward meeting its renewable energy targets, the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) is gearing up to implement a continuum of wholesale electricity market products. These will help facilitate large scale renewable energy grid integration and optimize system operations, among other things. The U.S. electricity sector has gone thro...

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India: dirty versus clean decentralised energy generation

By Ranjit Bharvirkar

In this chapter of Decentralised Energy: A Global Game Changer, Ranjit Bharvirkar takes a look at how centralized provision of electricity in India has never been reliable for millions of consumers. It was always supplemented by alternative sources – both economically and environmentally – which are not always the best. Presently, the energy world is going...

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Transport sector transformation: Integrating electric vehicles into Turkey’s distribution grids

By Değer Saygin, Osman Bülent Tör, Saeed Teimourzadeh, Mehmet Koç, Julia Hildermeier, Christos Kolokathis

With global electric vehicle (EV) sales on the rise, policymakers around the world are accelerating efforts to facilitate development of the necessary charging infrastructure and to integrate EVs into the power system at least cost. Turkey is just starting down this path, with around 1,000 electric vehicles on the road. However, as the population grows and car ow...

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