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Market reform options for a reliable, cost-efficient and decarbonised Italian power system

By Christos Kolokathis, Michael Hogan

In its recent draft National Energy and Climate Plan, Italy set ambitious targets for increasing the share of variable renewable energy and committed to closing all coal plants by 2025. These developments, coupled with concerns about the economic viability of power plants and the ability to “keep the lights on,” resulted in the government introducing a capaci...

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Value Added: Measuring the Health Benefits of Energy Efficiency and Renewables

Although the health benefits of reducing criteria pollutants have been quantified in numerous studies, putting a value on how energy efficiency and renewable energy reduce these pollutants and provide health benefits has been more technically challenging. As a result, most cost-effectiveness analyses leave it out, and energy planning typically values the benefits at zero. A...

Presentation December 5, 2019

Value Added: Measuring the Health Benefits of Energy Efficiency and Renewables

By Emma Zinsmeister, Jim Lazar, Nancy Seidman

In a webinar presentation, Emma Zinsmeister of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency explained more about the EPA's innovative new "benefits per kilowatt-hour" tool for quantifying the health benefits of energy efficiency and renewables, and RAP’s Jim Lazar and Nancy Seidman offered ways in which policymakers can ensure that this public-health value is refle...

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Presentation December 2, 2019

What is Capacity and Examples of How Capacity is Acquired

By Carl Linvill, Jessica Shipley

​In a workshop on capacity for the Oregon Public Utility Commission, Carl Linvill and Jessica Shipley shared a range of state approaches that promote reliable and cost-effective grid services....

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Presentation November 30, 2019

Blockchain Technologies and Consumer Participation

By Dheer Patel

​Dheer Patel moderated the session on Emerging Technologies and also spoke about Blockchain Technologies at the two-day National Conference on Consumer Engagement in Electricity Sector organized by Citizen, consumer and civic Action Group (CAG) at Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He introduced the concept of distributed ledgers and blockchain to the audience and talked abo...

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Presentation November 29, 2019

Electricity Markets in India: Impact on Consumers of Tamil Nadu

By Rasika Athawale

​Consumer Action Group organized a two-day conference in Chennai on consumer engagement in electricity sector. Rasika made a presentation highlighting the benefits of wholesale power markets and retail markets to consumers. Markets enable large-scale integration of low-cost renewable energy generation, while providing signals for new investments and consumption...

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Presentation November 20, 2019

From Energy Optimization to Aligned Outcomes

By Carl Linvill

​At the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners' annual meeting in San Antonio, Carl Linvill discussed new thinking on applying energy optimization approaches to planning in meeting grid needs. This presentation was part of a panel reviewing progress by the NARUC-NASEO Task Force on Comprehensive Electricity Planning....

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Presentation November 19, 2019

Energy Transition: What and How?

By Rasika Athawale

At the one-day event on energy transition for the state of Tamil Nadu, Rasika spoke of the need for looking beyond the state utility and prioritizing actions for the entire state. She reasoned that given Tamil Nadu is already a leader in clean energy, it is time for the state to explore all possible ways to champion national & state policies with a 3M approac...

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Improving Livelihoods through Alternative Governance Structure

By Mahesh Patankar

During a workshop at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Mahesh Patankar shared early analysis of emerging models of cooperatives such as water users associations (WUAs) to manage water budgeting and farmer producer organisations (FPOs) to link farmers directly to markets. Drawing on successful cooperative models in the United States, Dr. Patankar present...

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