The Regulatory Assistance Project is dedicated to accelerating the transition to a clean, reliable, and efficient energy future.

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Energy Prices, Not Capacity Mechanisms, are Key to Ensuring Reliability at the Lowest Cost

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Building on peer-to-peer relationships, our team helps energy and air quality regulators and NGOs navigate the complexities of power sector policy, regulation, and markets.

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RAP's experts highlight policy, regulatory, and market solutions to accelerate the clean energy transition.

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Hitting the Mark on Missing Money

Energy markets are often said to suffer from a “missing money” problem. While the analysis behind these claims is often muddled, there can be legitimate concerns about whether energy markets are adequately remunerating needed investment. In assessing proposals to address these concerns, regulators and policymakers must avoid creating a different problem: misallocated money, overcompensating some…

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More is Less: Environmentally Beneficial Electrification

Aggressive electrification of energy end uses—such as space heating, water heating, and transportation—will be essential if the U.S. and the world are to meet greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals. Electrification of energy end uses displaces the burning of fossil fuels, such as natural gas, gasoline, diesel, propane, and fuel oil. This displacement has the potential to reduce…

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