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Presentation July 14, 2016

The Future of Capacity Markets: Taking Stock and Looking to the Future

By Michael Hogan

During a presentation at the Electricity in Transition discussion organized by the Center for Strategic & International Studies, Michael Hogan discusses the changes needed in wholesale power markets to maintain resource adequacy at least cost. These include administrative interventions targeted at the ancillary and energy services markets with a parallel pha...

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Report July 12, 2016

Electricity Regulation in the US: A Guide (Second Edition)

By Jim Lazar

This updated handbook is designed to provide an overview of the electric power industry and how it is regulated in the public interest. The handbook provides a broad perspective on the universe of utility regulation, including industry structure, regulation, ratemaking, transmission, planning, energy efficiency, emissions, low-income programs, and more.

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Presentation July 12, 2016

PURPA: Then, Now and Next

By Carl Linvill

In a presentation to the Energy Utility Consultants Incorporated (EUCI) renewable procurement conference, Carl Linvill offers an overview of the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA), and reflects on how it can support a changing energy landscape. Specifically, PURPA can help enable consumer surplus, leverage private investment, provide competitive press...

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Presentation July 11, 2016

A Pilot Project on Cost and Operational Risk of Non-Transmission Alternatives to Meet Transmission and Distribution System Loads

By David Littell

David Littell presented to the National Academies of the Sciences' Study on Enhancing the Resiliency of the Nation's Electric Power Transmission and Distribution System in Washington, D.C., looking at lessons from a non-transmission alternatives (NTAs) pilot project in Maine....

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Policy Brief July 6, 2016

Response to the Commission’s Interim Report of the Sector Inquiry on Capacity Mechanisms

By Regulatory Assistance Project

With the continued deployment of intermittent zero-marginal-cost generation technologies such as wind and solar, Europe’s power systems are undergoing a fundamental transformation. This deployment, together with the reduced energy demands brought about by the recent economic recession, has led to a situation of overcapacity and low energy prices. In turn, this ...

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Policy Brief July 5, 2016

Can We Trust Electricity Prices? The Case for Improving the Quality of Europe’s Market Monitoring

By Sarah Keay-Bright

Market monitoring provides continuous surveillance and evaluation, like a protective screen or filter, crucial for well-informed decision making, cost efficiency, and ensuring stakeholder confidence in markets and resulting prices. In this policy brief, RAP identifies best practices that could be useful for the EU.

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Discussion Draft July 5, 2016

Issues in China Power Sector Reform: Generator Dispatch

By Fredrich (Fritz) Kahrl, Max Dupuy, Wang Xuan

In most countries of the world, power generation dispatch is done on an “economic” basis. In China, however, grid companies use dispatch methods that often are not based on an economic approach. This is a major obstacle to meeting China’s clean energy, air quality, and economic goals. It has led to high curtailment of wind, solar, and hydro power, while les...

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Discussion Draft June 30, 2016

Meta-Issues Related to Carbon Footprint of Biomass Used for Energy Production

By David Littell

The burning of biomass for electricity generation could play a role in states' Clean Power Plan (CPP) compliance, but the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's guidance on what constitutes "qualifying biomass" is still pending at its Scientific Advisory Board. Discussions of biomass's carbon neutrality can be confusing, with competing, contradictory, and polari...

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Presentation June 23, 2016

Solar Energy Drivers, Options and Value

By Carl Linvill

In a presentation to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Carl Linvill discusses the increasing interest in solar energy among consumers, the reasons for that growth, and the preferences of solar and non-solar customers, as well as the preferences of utilities. He also discusses the role of net metering, valuation studies, and the principles of smart ra...

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