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Replacing copper with negawatts—how RIIO-2 could revolutionise network regulation

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Energy markets will deliver the flexible, decarbonised power system that we need, not capacity markets

Energy-only markets will enable the integration of the European electricity market and development of the flexible resources needed to support a decarbonised future. Philip Baker and Michael Hogan offer a critique to RTE’s impact assessment of the French capacity market. Energy-only markets (EoM) are the building blocks of Europe’s integrated electricity m... By Michael Hogan, Philip Baker

electricity transmission lines and towers in twilight


执行摘要 睿博能源智库认为,有效益的电气化,或者说实现社会利益最大化的电气化,需要达到以下一个或多个条件,且对另外两个条件不产生反作用: 从长期看可以为消费者省钱; 促进电网的更好管理; 减少对环境的消极影响。 由于供暖在普通美国家庭的能耗... By Jessica Shipley, Jim Lazar, David Farnsworth, Camille Kadoch

Photo collage of heat pump, baby and house