The Regulatory Assistance Project is dedicated to accelerating the transition to a clean, reliable, and efficient energy future.

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Markets Learning Hub: Understanding India’s Coming Wholesale Market Reforms

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Building on peer-to-peer relationships, our team helps energy and air quality regulators and NGOs navigate the complexities of power sector policy, regulation, and markets.

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We focus primarily on the world's four largest power markets: China, the European Union, India, and the United States.  

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RAP's experts highlight policy, regulatory, and market solutions to accelerate the clean energy transition.

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Electric vehicle grid integration policies to benefit consumers

Electric vehicles can unlock extensive value for consumers, the grid and the environment — if we integrate them strategically into the power system. In this webinar from the International Energy Agency’s User-Centred Energy Systems programme, Dr. Julia Hildermeier and Christos Kolokathis explore three key strategies for EV grid integration: smart pricing, smart technology and smart…

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