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A Song in the Key of E: Emissions, Efficiency, Equity, and Electrification

By Frederick Weston
A lot of folks out there (including we at RAP) have, for the last four decades, been devising ways to make utilities more economically efficient, their customers more energy-efficient, and the power system cleaner, sustainable, more equitable, and non-emitting. But now they have a problem: the world has changed, and suddenly we need more of that thing that they f... Read More

Surf’s Up: Catching the IIJA Wave

By David Farnsworth
I’m learning how to surf. For my birthday, my kids got together and bought me a surfboard. One day last summer I spent about three hours in the waves off of Popham Beach in Maine trying to figure things out. After about 60 attempts — no kidding — trying to catch a wave, I finally caught one. But I had help. I got tips from my kids, and from other surfers ab... Read More

Cutting ties, forging alliances: how transport electrification and renewable electricity can reshape Europe’s economic landscape

By Jaap Burger
Along with the existing environmental and economic rationale for ending reliance on fossil fuels, the war in Ukraine has motivated many in the European Union to increase energy sovereignty. One of the larger fossil fuel consuming sectors is transportation, for which electrification is the alternative, accelerating the pace worldwide with Europe being the biggest... Read More


By Frederick Weston
中国在朝着放开电力批发市场的方向稳步前行。谨慎地实施运行调度以及电价改革,改善了电力体系的运行效率,揭示了低成本、零碳排放的可再生能源的真实价值,并提高了系统的总体可靠性。 然而,挑战依旧存在。其中一点尤为特殊,即如何为各受益者公平地分摊及回... Read More

How to deploy heat pumps at scale – and fast

By Richard Lowes
The EU’s ‘RePowerEU’ plan aims to accelerate the rollout of heat pumps, including doubling the deployment rate in the next five years. Richard Lowes explains how it can be done. In the past few weeks, European energy policy and its perception of fossil energy have seen a seismic shift. Heat pumps were always undoubtedly a critical heat decarbonisation te... Read More

From laggard to leader: How Poland became Europe’s fastest-growing heat pump market

By Monika Morawiecka, Jan Rosenow
With the war in Ukraine compelling everyone to rethink their energy strategies and focus on getting rid of Russian fossil fuel imports, while maintaining what is left from the affordability of energy supply, the go-to tactics are achieving several energy policy goals at the same time. The Polish heat pump sector seems to be doing just that. It is showing the f... Read More

Indian power sector has opportunities to create value for the discoms and their consumers by mainstreaming behind-the-meter resources

By Mahesh Patankar, Frederick Weston
The electricity sector in India has experienced an evolution of sorts throughout the years. Since the early the 1990s, the sector has grown from a vertically integrated monopoly with generation, transmission, and distribution all under one roof, to the current structure in accord with the Electricity Act of 2003 where the three have been unbundled and now operate... Read More

Energiewende im Krisenmodus braucht sozialen Zusammenhalt

By Andreas Jahn
Der Krieg und das Leid der Menschen in der Ukraine halten uns alle in Atem, bringen uns aber auch als Gesellschaft näher zusammen. Die große Hilfsbereitschaft in den Grenzregionen und auch in Deutschland macht uns zusammen stark. Wie Bundespräsident Steinmeier in Litauen sagte: „Die Einigkeit und die Geschlossenheit (der Nato und der Europäischen Union... Read More

How Europe can rapidly reduce its gas dependency

By Jan Rosenow, Michaela Holl
“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them,” Albert Einstein famously said. Yet this is exactly what the European Commission appears to be doing in its forthcoming strategy for more affordable, secure and sustainable energy, a leak of which emerged a few days ago. The Commission rightly identifies the energy price cri... Read More

How heat pump sales are starting to take off around the world

By Jan Rosenow, Duncan Gibb
Experts see heat pumps as one of the main solutions for tackling the carbon emissions associated with keeping buildings warm, both in the UK and internationally. Yet sales of the technology, often likened to a fridge running in reverse, have remained stubbornly low in many countries. The latest figures, collated in this article for Carbon Brief, show the t... Read More