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Time for energy efficiency to be valued as a grid resource

By Samuel Thomas, Filippos Anagnostopoulos
What if you, as an electricity consumer, could get compensated fairly for the energy you did not consume? In the U.S., participants in pay-for-performance schemes are being paid incentives to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings. Driven by the limited capacity of electricity networks and a willingness to innovate in order to get better value for mone... Read More

It is time to bring consumers on board the energy transition

By Zsuzsanna Pató
Power systems are in the midst of profound transformation. More nations are striving to decarbonise their electricity grids and to electrify sectors previously powered primarily by fossil fuels such as heating and transport. To help weather this sea change, policymakers and power system operators have a rich resource at their disposal: consumers. They do not, how... Read More

Green urban freight: How to electrify our deliveries today

By Julia Hildermeier
Every year, freight companies deliver four billion parcels containing online orders across the EU. With the ongoing pandemic, experts predict the market for express delivery will grow by more than $10 billion (€8.3 billion) by 2024. Freight and delivery volumes have been increasing for years and are responsible for a quarter of Europe’s transport emissions. ... Read More

Energy efficiency: Secret ingredient that can make Turkey’s energy transition a success

By Değer Saygin, Jan Rosenow
At a recent pan-European energy efficiency conference in Paris, representatives of a large energy service company shared the well-kept secret of how they source energy-efficient heating technology to install in Europe: They get it from Turkey. Even though Turkey may not come to mind as a global leader in energy efficiency, energy efficiency has been on the... Read More


By Fredrich (Fritz) Kahrl, Wang Xuan, Max Dupuy
正如世界上其他国家一样,中国电力行业要走向零碳发展的未来,需要有灵活性资源的支持。储能,特别是电化学储能,由于近年来成本大幅度降低,以及其多重应用价值,前景越来越光明。并网储能能够成本有效地发挥帮助可再生能源并网、提高剩余火电厂运行效率、提供... Read More

Offshore wind should be seen as a joint European resource

By Zsuzsanna Pató, Michael Hogan
Offshore wind is a special resource. The fact that there is little legacy infrastructure, coupled with the impressive European ambition of expanding the current capacity of 12 GW to 300 GW by 2050, raises an important question: How can we develop only the minimum infrastructure needed, at lowest cost, and operate it to the maximum benefit of European consumers? ... Read More

Choose Your Own Road Trip: A Toolkit for Transportation Electrification

By Camille Kadoch
Electrification of the transportation sector provides an opportunity for states to save citizens money on fuel, improve the local economy, address national security concerns, improve public health and combat climate change. Some of these attributes have more urgency than ever, such as the need for local jobs and improved public health. But experience and studies ... Read More

Why India should keep coal out of its infrastructure story

By Rasika Athawale
As India looks to "build back better" from the Covid crisis, the country would benefit economically, environmentally and socially by investing in clean technologies. In late 2019, the Indian government announced a $1.4trn National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) to jump-start economic growth. This plan includes a high-profile target for the addition of 75GW of t... Read More


By Fredrich (Fritz) Kahrl, Wang Xuan, Max Dupuy
随着中国政府提出的低碳、零碳观念的深入,电力行业首当其冲需要加速扩大清洁电力的渗透率。在各地区探索电力市场设计,逐步完善电力交易规则的新形势下,如何让以光伏发电,风能发电为代表的可再生能源以及新兴的储能资源参与市场是业界关心的话题。 我们前几... Read More

Revisiting the Public Good, Part 2: What Do We Mean by “Good”?

By David Farnsworth
Simple terms can provide a useful framework and help us understand complex things. Raising children, for example, is a highly involved, lengthy and expensive undertaking, but can be reduced to a couple of words: You want your kids to grow up to be strong and kind. Utility regulation is no different, even utility regulation in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. A ... Read More