Insights from Our Experts

2021 Year in Review

By Richard Sedano
As we stepped into the new year, my colleagues and I took time to reflect on the influence of our collective work at RAP in 2021. I share the following sample of our global impact in hopes that it inspires new ideas or opportunities to engage. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me or one of my colleagues if something sparks your interest! RAP’s thought leadershi... Read More

The Complex Landscape of Net Metering Reform in California: Why an Installed Capacity Charge?

By Mark LeBel
Rooftop solar in California has grown from an infant industry two decades ago to a 10-gigawatt resource that contributes significantly to customer and electric system needs today. The state is blessed with ample sunshine in many regions, and its urgency on this and other clean-energy innovations was born out of the energy crisis in 2000 and 2001, as well as the n... Read More


By Kevin Porter, Max Dupuy
中国的风能和太阳能装机容量仍居世界领先地位,总装机容量超过500吉瓦。此外,中国承诺在2030年前达到碳排放峰值,并在2060年前实现碳中和,为此,中国制定了到2030年,风能和太阳能发电总装机容量达到1200吉瓦,即从2020年起每年新增约80吉瓦可再生能源发电的目标。由此... Read More

EU’s buildings directive should give EV owners the right to a smart plug

By Jaap Burger, Luka De Bruyckere
The electrification of mobility is in full swing. As electric vehicles (EV) become ever more popular, public charging points are spreading – their numbers have doubled in the last two years in the EU. But public charging points alone will not be enough to power the transition to electrified mobility, we need more (smart) connections in buildings. Most users ... Read More

Worüber keiner reden will: Der bevorstehende Abschied vom Gasnetz

By Andreas Jahn, Barbara Saerbeck
Die Gasindustrie investiert aktuell, was das Zeug hält. 2019 flossen rund 2,5 Milliarden Euro in den Aus- und Neubau der deutschen Gasnetze (BNetzA Monitoring-Bericht). Bis 2030 sind laut Netzentwicklungsplan Gas allein für die Ferngasnetze weitere 2,2 Milliarden Euro vorgesehen, wobei die Ferngasnetzbetreiber sogar Investitionen in Höhe von 7,8 Milliarden Eur... Read More

It’s Time to Consider the (Non-Pipeline) Alternatives

By Max Dupuy
For many years, the topic of regulation of gas distribution utilities has been far from the limelight and has not received the kind of attention that electric utility regulation attracts. But there are an increasing number of reasons to take a fresh look at gas utility regulation. Most importantly, climate goals call for phasing out greenhouse gas emissions assoc... Read More


By Regulatory Assistance Project
国家发改委最近发布的《关于进一步完善分时电价机制的通知》中(以下简称“通知”),包括了对尚未建立电力现货市场省份的指示。对于这些省份,通知要求签订的月度和年度合同中的购电价格可在一天内甚至在不同季节有相应变化。 该政策提供了一个可以改善对非现... Read More

Europe’s gas decarbonisation package: Putting new wine in old wineskins?

By Megan Anderson, Jan Rosenow
Putting new wine in old wineskins is a timeworn saying first mentioned in the Bible. Doing so is not a good idea we are taught: ‘the wine will burst the skins, and the wine is lost and the skins as well’ (Mark 2:22). Going against this advice, however, is precisely what is suggested we do with the existing gas network: Putting new types of gases into the pipe... Read More

Getting off the fossil fuel roller coaster

By Bram Claeys, Dominic Scott
When the global economy picks up steam, so do commodity prices. Gas demand bouncing back to pre-Covid levels started a new upswing in the price cycle. We are seeing classic market dynamics at work: demand outstrips supply and prices rise. Electricity and gas prices are skyrocketing from last year’s pandemic-induced depths, leaving people reeling. Experts have ... Read More

Participating in Power: A Practical Guide to Utility Resource Plans for Local Governments

By David Farnsworth, Jake Duncan
To meet 21st century decarbonization and social equity priorities, utilities need to transform the way they plan power sector investments. One of the most important opportunities to encourage these changes is to become an effective participant in the development of a utility integrated resource plan (IRP). An IRP shapes the thinking of utility executives, regulat... Read More