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Real-life drama: Learning from a Texas tragedy

By Michael Hogan
Othello: “But this denoted a foregone conclusion.” Iago:    “Tis a shrewd doubt, though it be but a dream                And this may help to thicken other proofs               That do demonstrate thinly.” Othello, Act 3, Scene 3 Shakespeare’s tragedy centers on the theme of conclusions hastily arrived at, reflecting prior susp... Read More

RGGI’s Program Review Offers a Chance to Revisit Local Air Quality Needs

By Nancy Seidman, David Farnsworth
While there is substantial evidence that the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) has been very successful at reducing carbon and other emissions across the multi-state region, there is still important work to be done to document and ensure air quality improvements at the local level — especially in frontline communities that either host fossil-fuel power ... Read More


By Wang Xuan, Max Dupuy, Fredrich (Fritz) Kahrl
早在2017年8月,国家发展改革委、国家能源局印发《关于开展电力现货市场建设试点工作的通知》,选择南方(以广东起步)、蒙西、浙江、山西、山东、福建、四川、甘肃等8个地区作为第一批电力现货市场建设试点。目前,已有多个试点进入了全月结算试运行阶段,然而各... Read More


By Wang Xuan, Max Dupuy, Fredrich (Fritz) Kahrl
2020年,中国各省在电力市场建设方面不断推进,一些地区已经初步建立了区域和省级相衔接的电力中长期交易体系,并加速向区域一体化现货市场方向发展。 七月份发布的国家能源局综合司《关于开展跨省跨区电力交易与市场秩序专项监管工作的通知》(国能综通监管【202... Read More

What has gone wrong with the Green Homes Grant?

By Jan Rosenow, Louise Sunderland
The Green Homes Grant risks becoming the second government home energy efficiency scheme in a decade designed to fail. The last decade wasn’t a good one for energy efficiency policy in the UK. We all remember the Green Deal, the coalition government’s flagship energy efficiency policy that was supposed to support 14 million home retrofits by 2020. It was t... Read More

Getting the most from forthcoming minimum energy performance standards

By Louise Sunderland
This decade must be a decade of building renovation. To meet the new European climate target of a 55% emissions reduction by 2030, our buildings must go further faster, reducing emissions by 60%. But we are at an almost standing start. It is a well-worn statistic that only 1% of European buildings undergo energy renovations each year. It’s less well known th... Read More

China’s Energy Plan: Making It Work for Carbon Peaking

By Max Dupuy
In November 2020, China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) requested general input on the yet-to-be-published 14th Five-Year Energy Plan (2021-25) and allowed a brief window for submissions. This post is an edited version of the rapid-response input RAP provided. RAP focused on suggestions for the electricity plan component of the energy plan. The electrici... Read More


By Max Dupuy
2020年11月,国家能源局就第十四个(2021-2025)五年能源规划公开征求意见。我们获悉此消息后在极短的时间内做出了响应,本文在初始回复的基础上进行了修改和完善。我们主要针对能源规划中的电力规划环节提供了一些思路和建议。电力规划是考虑经济高效,清洁可靠的资... Read More


By Camille Kadoch
要想实现交通运输领域的电气化转型,合理规划、采取激励措施、扫清障碍以及建立正确的监管框架都是必要条件。但不同地区的农村和城市生活方式各不相同,需要各自寻找适合自身的解决方案。睿博能源智库(RAP)的Camille Kadoch总结了我们为美国订制的RAP电动汽车路线图,... Read More

Why Rate Design in New England Needs a Refresh

By David Littell, Donna Brutkoski
Looking ahead to 2030 and then beyond to 2050, the majority of New England states have set ambitious clean energy goals. The growing adoption of new technology empowers energy customers to play a direct role in making these goals happen and to make their own energy choices in ways not available 10 years ago. But one piece of this puzzle is still largely missing: ... Read More