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By Christopher James
法国的 gilets jaunes (“黄马甲”)抗议活动提醒了我们一件事,在使经济脱碳方面消费者必须发挥关键作用。在抗击气候变化过程中发生过这样那样类似的挫折,例如2018年11月在美国华盛顿州取消碳税提案,人们可能很容易得出结论,公众不愿意为减少温室气体而付出代价。... Read More

Five Suggestions to Promote China Power Sector Transition

By Frederick Weston, Max Dupuy
Even the casual observer of China during the last thirty years can’t help but be awestruck by the country’s transformation—across all sectors, but especially the power sector, the central infrastructural industry on which economic development depends. What had been a system characterized by too frequent shortages and under-investment became the world’s la... Read More


By Frederick Weston, Max Dupuy
在过去的三十年中,即使是不曾刻意关注中国的人,也不禁对这个国家的转型感到震惊。这种转型体现在在所有领域,尤其是电力行业,即经济发展所依赖的中央基础设施产业。中国拥有着世界上最大的电力系统,过去时常发生电力短缺,电网投资不足,但现在已成为技术最... Read More


By Dheer Patel
在过去的几十年里,印度政府一直在电力行业实施广泛的改革,目标是为所有公民提供可靠,负担得起和清洁的电力。在过去几个月中,印度中央电力监管委员会(CERC)通过一系列讨论文件阐述电力批发市场改革的提案。如果电力改革得以实施,可以通过优化现有供应侧资源... Read More

Renovating Energy Policy to Encourage Beneficial Electrification

By Jessica Shipley, Donna Brutkoski
RAP’s recent papers on the beneficial electrification of space heating and water heating draw a picture of great potential. Electrification of these fossil-fueled end uses could cut carbon emissions significantly while saving consumers money and providing power system operators with a useful resource. Several pieces of effective frameworks that states can us... Read More


By David Farnsworth, Jessica Shipley, Joni Sliger, Jim Lazar
实施共益电气化交通 本节列出了确保交通电气化有益的一些考虑因素。此外,我们会提供一套与共益电气化相关的策略供各州考虑。 保障公共利益的几点思考 公平与环境正义 为了确保公平分享交通电气化的益处,各州应考虑令所有消费者都可以使用电气化交通的程度,... Read More


By David Farnsworth, Jessica Shipley, Joni Sliger, Jim Lazar
执行摘要 技术进步,无论是发电效率还是终端能源效率,都为共益电气化提供了机会。交通、供暖、热水供应,就是这些机会之一。在电池成本下降和性能提升的推动下,电动汽车(EV)市场正在快速增长。自动驾驶汽车技术的开发和采用,以及对共享交通服务不断增长的需... Read More

Electronic Certificate Tracking Systems Offer Advantages for China’s Renewable Energy Quota

By Rachael Terada, Ryan Wiser, Lijun Yue
A key policy driver to support renewable energy development is a renewable energy quota. China is considering a new renewable energy quota system for its electricity sector that will support its aggressive clean energy goals. On November 15, 2018, the National Energy Administration issued a consultation version of the Notice of Implementation of the Renewable Ene... Read More


By Rachael Terada, Ryan Wiser, Lijun Yue
可再生能源配额是支持可再生能源发展的关键政策驱动力。 中国正在考虑实施可再生能源配额制度,以支持其积极的清洁能源目标。 2018年11月15日,国家能源局发布了“可再生能源和电力配额制度实施通知”第三次征求意见稿。 最终的正式配额尚未确定,目前正在制定实施细... Read More

Voluntary Renewable Energy Certificates: Win-Win for India Inc. and Government

By Rasika Athawale, Ranjit Bharvirkar
Government actions to facilitate the use of renewable energy certificates (RECs) can improve Indian companies’ ability to compete globally—a major policy objective of the current government. Driven partly by consumer demand, firms are being serious about the “source” of energy they use for operations. According to the Harvard Business Review, firms tha... Read More