Energy Issues


Climate and Public Health

Though the power sector is the largest source of industrial pollution, in many places regulations governing the power sector are out of step with public health and environmental laws. Our multi-disciplinary team helps energy and environmental regulators identify opportunities to align power sector regulation with environmental and climate policy.

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Distributed Generation, Storage, and EVs

Distributed generation and energy storage, such as batteries, water heaters, and even electric vehicles, can enhance the power system’s ability to integrate variable renewable energy resources and minimize costs. We help policymakers develop new policies to empower consumers, enable needed flexibility, and provide fair compensation for the capabilities provided.

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Energy Efficiency and Demand Response

A growing suite of technologies makes it possible to dramatically increase energy productivity at the point of use. The right policies and incentives can give consumers and grid operators more control over energy demand.

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Energy Resource Planning

Electricity grids are the largest industrial facilities in the world and their capital needs for expansion and replacement are huge. Meeting those needs—while ensuring safe, adequate, and reliable service to consumers—cannot be left solely to market forces. Energy resource planning provides a road map that regulators, grid managers, utility companies, and investors can rely on to forecast system needs, ensure efficient capital allocation and fair returns to it, and achieve other public policy objectives.

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Grid-Scale Renewables

Renewable energy is the fastest-growing source of energy on Earth. Ensuring its safe, efficient, and cost-effective integration into the grid is crucial to achieving a clean energy future.

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Power Markets and Reliability

In jurisdictions with competitive energy markets, we help decision-makers develop market rules to support and accelerate the transition to a clean, low-carbon energy future.

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Pricing and Rate Design

The prices we charge for electricity have a profound impact on the choices made by customers, utilities, and technology innovators and investors. Getting the prices—and pricing policy—right creates incentives for clean, efficient electricity production, consumption, and innovations that benefit the entire power system.

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Regulation and Governance

Declining costs of and rising consumer demand for cleaner energy resources are driving massive changes in the electricity industry. As a trusted partner to energy and environmental regulators, RAP helps them adapt the regulatory paradigm to take advantage of these opportunities.

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