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Policy Brief October 20, 2020

Time-Varying Rates in New England: Opportunities for Reform

By David Littell, Joni Sliger

​Although some New England utilities offer modernized rates for special applications, like electric vehicles and battery storage, there is substantial room for improvement in time-varying residential pricing. This policy brief, the last in a series examining rate design issues across New England, looks more closely at time-varying rates offered by utilities in ...

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Policy Brief June 18, 2020

Get What You Need: Reclaiming Consumer-Centric Resource Adequacy

By Michael Hogan, David Littell

​​PJM and the other U.S. independent system operators/regional transmission operators have a record of delivering enormous consumer benefits in the 20-plus years since organized wholesale markets were first introduced in the United States. But the Minimum Offer Price Rule order issued by FERC in December – requiring PJM to rewrite its capacity market rules ...

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Policy Brief May 13, 2020

Metrics to Measure the Effectiveness of Electric Vehicle Grid Integration

By David Littell, Jessica Shipley, Megan Anderson

​The transition from internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs) presents a unique opportunity for the utility sector. EVs have the ability to become a valuable grid resource because of their flexibility, but if their integration is not well-managed, they could add to load at inopportune times, increasing costs and carbon emissions. This p...

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Presentation April 3, 2020

Regulatory Reform in the US: Different Paths Forward

By David Littell

​In a meeting of the Wisconsin Energy Distribution and Technology Initiative, David Littell provided an overview of regulatory reform tools in use today and discussed new rate design pilots....

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Policy Brief

Performance Incentives for Cost-Effective Distribution System Investments

By David Littell, Megan Anderson, Jessica Shipley

This policy brief, a generic version of a memo provided for a state public utility commission, considers starting points for how to apply performance-based regulation and associated performance incentive mechanisms to distribution system investments by utilities. Ensuring that such investments are cost-effective begins by outlining goals that a state utility c...

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Policy Brief February 26, 2020

Rate Designs That Work for a Modern, Customer-Oriented Grid

By David Littell, Joni Sliger

Technology has evolved faster than utility-offered rate designs have, and consumer choice will continue to grow as advanced energy technologies -- from electric vehicles to battery storage -- and smart grid optionality become available. These changes should likewise prompt advances in electricity pricing, in order to send price signals that are consistent with gr...

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Policy Brief October 29, 2019

Flexibility for the 21st Century Power System

By Carl Linvill, Jim Lazar, David Littell, Jessica Shipley, David Farnsworth

Perhaps the most basic of electricity sector rules, one that has operated for over a century, is that electricity must be generated at precisely the same time it's consumed. For years, grid operators have determined load on a system and adjusted supply by adding available generators to meet it, first with the lowest-cost units, then adding more expensive ones unt...

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Policy Brief October 29, 2019

Making Basic Service More Affordable: Electricity Rates for Low- and Moderate-Income Ratepayers

By David Littell, Joni Sliger

​This policy brief dives deeper into rate design for low- and moderate-income (LMI) ratepayers in New England. As always, effective rate design is crucial to achieving regulatory and public policy goals, but achieving broad societal policy goals need not come at the cost of burdening economically vulnerable LMI ratepayers. To design rates at levels customers ...

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