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Presentation December 2, 2019

What is Capacity and Examples of How Capacity is Acquired

By Carl Linvill, Jessica Shipley

​In a workshop on capacity for the Oregon Public Utility Commission, Carl Linvill and Jessica Shipley shared a range of state approaches that promote reliable and cost-effective grid services....

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Presentation November 20, 2019

From Energy Optimization to Aligned Outcomes

By Carl Linvill

​At the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners' annual meeting in San Antonio, Carl Linvill discussed new thinking on applying energy optimization approaches to planning in meeting grid needs. This presentation was part of a panel reviewing progress by the NARUC-NASEO Task Force on Comprehensive Electricity Planning....

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Policy Brief October 29, 2019

Flexibility for the 21st Century Power System

By Carl Linvill, Jim Lazar, David Littell, Jessica Shipley, David Farnsworth

Perhaps the most basic of electricity sector rules, one that has operated for over a century, is that electricity must be generated at precisely the same time it's consumed. For years, grid operators have determined load on a system and adjusted supply by adding available generators to meet it, first with the lowest-cost units, then adding more expensive ones unt...

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Presentation October 28, 2019

Adapting Policy, Pricing and Regulation as DERs Ascend

By Carl Linvill

​In a policy training session at the University of California in Davis, Carl Linvill delivered a comprehensive overview of integrated distribution planning, smart rate design, and performance-based regulation, as well as the synergies distributed energy resources bring to today's grid....

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Fact Sheet September 24, 2019

Deepening Solar Investment Through Beneficial Electrification

By Carl Linvill

​In a poster presentation at the Solar Power International conference in Salt Lake City, Dr. Carl Linvill demonstrated how cities can pair solar generation with electrified end uses and highlighted case studies of successful deployment of these resources....

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Presentation September 20, 2019

Reliability: Roles and Definitions

By Carl Linvill

​For a National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners Electricity Committee session on reliability, Carl Linvill provided an overview of the state and federal actors responsible for ensuring reliability at the distribution and bulk power levels.  ...

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Presentation September 10, 2019

Capturing More Value From Distributed Resource Combinations

By John Shenot, Carl Linvill

​In a webinar on Sept. 10, John Shenot and Dr. Carl Linvill looked more in depth at the types of value streams that combinations of distributed energy resources can create and discussed how best to compensate the owners of these resources. They highlighted use cases that demonstrate why customers might consider pairing resources such as solar and storage, and p...

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Presentation September 5, 2019

Electricity Pricing: Policies, Practices and Pitfalls

By Carl Linvill

​At the Financial Research Institute's Advanced Seminar on Transformational Pricing, Carl Linvill explored smart rate design fundamentals and exposed some common policy pitfalls....

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Report August 29, 2019

Capturing More Value from Combinations of PV and Other Distributed Energy Resources

By John Shenot, Carl Linvill, Max Dupuy, Donna Brutkoski

Much has been written about the value of solar photovoltaic generation, but less about the value of some of the other distributed energy resources — other forms of distributed generation, energy storage, electric vehicles, demand response, and energy efficiency — or how these resources can be combined. This paper considers the types of values (or “value st...

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