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Report October 5, 2020

A Collaborative for Greater Coordination and Integration Among the Electric Grids of Eastern Canada and the Northeastern United States

By Richard Cowart, Richard Sedano, Frederick Weston, Jonathan Raab, Philippe Abergel, Paul Burke

Greater integration among regional power grids would lower electric sector emissions and power costs across eastern Canada and the northeastern United States, but coordination today is limited. A new report by an international team, led by RAP in collaboration with The Transition Accelerator and Raab Associates, reveals that key stakeholders on both sides of the ...

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Presentation April 2, 2020

Decoupling to Support NERP Goals: What is it, How to do it

By Richard Sedano

​In a North Carolina Energy Regulatory Process webinar, Rich Sedano discussed the advantages of decoupling in helping to meet goals of carbon reduction, reliability and cost-effective utility efficiency....

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Presentation December 13, 2019

The Electricity Sector of the Past, Present, and Future

By Richard Sedano, Megan Anderson, Jessica Shipley

​ In a "Utility of the Future" workshop for the South Carolina Public Service Commission, RAP provided an overview of regulatory and planning best practices to support power sector innovation....

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Presentation September 6, 2019

Process, Collaboration and Engagement

By Richard Sedano

​In a Financial Research Institute seminar on utility pricing held in St. Louis​, Richard Sedano and Kristin Munsch discussed the importance of collaboration and regulatory process innovation in today's evolving power sector....

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Presentation October 12, 2018

Development Path for Electricity Markets in the US

By Richard Sedano

RAP CEO Rich Sedano was the only international expert invited to address the Electricity Market Special Committee Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering and National Electricity Exchange Institutions Forum. He introduced recent developments in U.S. power markets that shed light on the market design policy discussions happenin...

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Presentation October 12, 2018


By Richard Sedano

睿博能源智库CEO Rich Sedano 先生,作为唯一一名国际专家,应邀参加中国电机工程学会电力市场专业委员会学术年会暨全国电力交易机构联盟论坛。会上,他介绍了美国电力市场的近期发展,为中国电力市场的市场设计和政策讨论提供一些启示。Sedano 先生就电力合同,发电机...

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Presentation August 30, 2018

Engaging with PUCs, a Sister Agency

By Richard Sedano, Jessica Shipley

​In a webinar for the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO), Richard Sedano and Jessica Shipley shared engagement strategies to improve collaboration with utility commissions....

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Presentation February 8, 2018

Getting Started: Rethinking Utility Regulation in an Era of Exponential Change

By Ken Colburn, Richard Sedano, Jim Lazar, Michael Hogan, David Farnsworth, John Shenot

Rapid technology change means cleaner, lower-cost, and more resilient options for meeting customers’ energy needs are or soon will be available. Customers may soon have cost-effective options to meet their own energy needs through transactive platforms and markets. How can utility regulators best prepare for this changing world? On February 8, 2018, RAP host...

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