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So, How Does This Work Again? The Role of Advisory Services in Fleet Electrification

Suppose you are a fleet manager, in charge of your organization’s efficient transportation of people and goods. By necessity, you must be an expert at planning, budgeting, financing, purchasing, operations, scheduling, and the maintenance of vehicles that use fossil fuels. Now, suppose you have an opportunity to electrify your fleet. How can you effectively assess...

Policy Brief March 23, 2022

EU can stop Russian gas imports by 2025

By Sarah Brown, Domien Vangenechten, Bram Claeys, Marta Lovisolo

The Russian government's decision to invade Ukraine puts into sharp contrast the deep entanglement between energy, security and geopolitics. Now more than ever, the European Union needs unity and resolve in its response and a focus on resilience in the face of interlinking crises. Authors from Ember, E3G, Bellona and RAP have collaborated to identify the indis...

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Policy Brief February 28, 2022

Rate-Making Principles and Net Metering Reform: Pathways for Wisconsin

By John Shenot, Camille Kadoch, Carl Linvill, Jessica Shipley

A growing number of states have considered reforms to their net metering practices in recent years, a period of decreasing prices for distributed energy resources, rapid changes in technology and evolution of the electricity system.  Depending on its design, a net metering program can advance specific policy goals while maintaining sound principles of rate de...

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Fact Sheet February 16, 2022

Analysis: Running costs of heat pumps versus gas boilers

By Jan Rosenow

The running costs of clean heating technologies are a subject of fierce debate. Often misinformation is derailing a common understanding of how much it costs to heat homes with heat pumps in the UK. This analysis shows that if they are designed and installed well, heat pumps can be cheaper than gas boilers, the main home heating technology used in the UK. Hous...

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Webinar (video)

Are EU homes ready for full electrification?

If the video is not visible, please accept all cookies to enable the player. To achieve climate and energy goals, decarbonising Europe’s building stock is critical. As part of the ‘renovation wave,’ solar photovoltaic power systems, heat pumps, electricity storage and electric vehicles chargers will become prevalent in our homes. This raises the question whether...


Putting the Customer First: How States Can Keep Driving the Energy Transition

By David Littell, Nancy Seidman, Jessica Shipley, John Shenot, Richard Sedano

In a roundtable webinar discussion, RAP staff highlighted what states can do (and are doing) on a variety of topics — from performance regulation to system planning to rate design — to navigate the energy transition with the customer’s interests always a top priority. The panel also discussed opportunities stemming from federal action....

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Webinar (video)

Putting the Customer First: How States Can Keep Driving the Energy Transition

The urgency and speed of the energy transition presents a variety of opportunities for states. They have a chance to move forward with regulatory reforms that put utility customers at the center of the transition. And they can reimagine traditional approaches to the regulatory process by continuing to make it more transparent, equitable, and proactive....

Policy Brief December 20, 2021

Measuring and increasing impact: The next challenge for EU energy efficiency policy measures

By Samuel Thomas, Marion Santini

The European Union is entering a crucial decade in its energy transition, with the 55% climate goal representing a step change in ambition. Energy efficiency is expected to play a major role in achieving necessary reductions in energy consumption across buildings, transport and industry. Enacting the Energy Efficiency First principle will require reliable data on...

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The Clean Heat Standard

By Richard Cowart, Chris Neme

Vermont's Global Warming Solutions Act requires that greenhouse gas emissions from thermal end uses (heating and hot water) be reduced by at least 15% below 2018 levels by 2025 and then by 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2050. This report, published by Energy Action Network, describes a performance-based program, the Clean Heat Standard, that would create a path for Vermo...

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Policy Brief December 15, 2021

Ensuring the EED energy savings obligation is Fit for 55

By Samuel Thomas

In late 2020, we recommended that the European Commission align the Energy Efficiency Directive’s energy savings obligation with the 2050 climate goal. It took a first step towards achieving this objective in summer 2021. In its proposal, energy savings derived from the installation of technologies that directly combust fossil fuels are excluded for the purpose...

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