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Discussion DraftPolicy Brief November 2, 2021

Responses to fossil gas price volatility

By Bram Claeys, Michael Hogan, Dominic Scott

The first ten months of 2021 have seen dramatic increases in energy prices in Europe and elsewhere. Experts now agree that the surging international demand for liquified natural gas and the rise in gas prices are driving electricity prices to seldom-seen heights. The fact that fossil gas accounts for 45% of household energy for heating is real reason for concern,...

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Presentation November 2, 2021

Utility Business Models and Performance-Based Regulation

By Mark LeBel

​In a presentation for the U.S. Climate Alliance, Mark LeBel explored the promise of performance-based regulation as an alternative to traditional cost-of-service regulation for utilities....

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Report November 1, 2021

Smart Rate Design for Distributed Energy Resources

By Mark LeBel, Jessica Shipley, Carl Linvill, Camille Kadoch

Net metering with monthly netting — a simple billing mechanism for distributed energy resources (DERs), often primarily solar PV — has existed since the early 1980s. In recent years, there has been a wide-ranging national debate about the best methods to reform rates for distributed energy resources, driven by the inefficiencies of traditional rate designs, c...

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Presentation October 27, 2021

Energy in Nebraska: The Dual Role of Public Power Boards and the Energy Trends They Face

By Nancy Seidman, Ken Colburn

In a workshop for public power boards, organized by Nebraska Conservation Voters, Nancy Seidman and Ken Colburn explored the roles and responsibilities of public power boards and how trends in power sector transformation affect board action on decarbonization goals and related activities....

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Presentation October 20, 2021

Utility Integrated Resource Planning

By Elaine Prause

In a presentation for the NW Energy Coalition, Elaine Prause discussed the increasing complexity of utility integrated resource planning and the importance of effectively engaging diverse stakeholders in the planning process....

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Presentation October 13, 2021

Advancing Storage: Progress in Markets and Regulation

By Richard Sedano

In a presentation for the National Association of State Energy Officials, Richard Sedano discussed the key role of regulation in assuring the successful deployment of storage technology as a flexible and cost-effective grid resource....

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Report October 13, 2021

Participating in Power: How to Read and Respond to Integrated Resource Plans

By Jake Duncan, Julia Eagles, David Farnsworth, John Shenot, Jessica Shipley

Traditionally in planning power sector investments, utilities have been focused on two metrics for success: reliability and affordability. These metrics remain important, but they do not effectively account for the climate, environmental, and human impacts of fossil fuels, which disproportionately affect marginalized communities. To address climate and equity cha...

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Presentation October 12, 2021

Regulatory Tools — Application

By Megan Anderson, Elaine Prause, Max Dupuy

In a public workshop for the Oregon Public Utilities Commission, Megan Anderson, Elaine Prause and Max Dupuy discussed rate-making and program tools to support successful gas planning....

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Presentation October 5, 2021

GEB Capabilities for Community Equity and Resilience Value

By Carl Linvill

​In a California Energy Commission workshop on grid-interactive efficient buildings, Dr. Carl Linvill highlighted the twin values of community resilience and equity in ensuring beneficial building electrification....

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Policy Brief

Recommendations on ERCOT Wholesale Market Design (Texas Project 52373)

By Michael Hogan

In a second-round submission of comments to the Public Utility Commission of Texas's proceeding on market design, RAP offered recommendations for reforms to the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) energy market, focusing on resource adequacy, demand response and ancillary services....

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