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Report June 26, 2019

Performance-based regulation: Aligning incentives with clean energy outcomes

By Zsuzsanna Pató, Philip Baker, Jan Rosenow

For years European policymakers have been working toward an integrated, competitive energy system. Now the Clean Energy for All Europeans package directs Member States to develop a decarbonised, cost‑efficient energy system that provides consumers with access to affordable and secure energy. The urgency of this task is further heightened by climate concerns. Po...

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Presentation June 25, 2019

Microgrid Regulations in Puerto Rico

By Janine Migden-Ostrander

Janine Migden-Ostrander described cutting-edge microgrid regulations developed in Puerto Rico in this global webinar sponsored by the Clean Energy Ministerial and Clean Energy Solutions Center....

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Policy Brief June 21, 2019

Strategies for China to Reduce the Risk of New Coal Power Plant Investments

By Lijun Yue, Fredrich (Fritz) Kahrl, Max Dupuy

In May 2019, China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) loosened  restrictions on  new coal power  plant  construction. This gave eight  provinces the green light to build new coal-fired generation capacity. Because of the  increasingly uncertain value proposition of  new  coal power generation,  even investments  that pass  the NEA...

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Policy Brief June 21, 2019


By Lijun Yue, Fredrich (Fritz) Kahrl, Max Dupuy


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Presentation June 24, 2019

Key Regulatory Considerations for TCI

By Nancy Seidman

​Nancy Seidman explored important regulatory considerations to guide Transportation and Climate Initiative states at a convening in Philadelphia of metropolitan planning organizations and councils of government....

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Presentation June 21, 2019

Responsive Demand: Lessons for a Low-Carbon Transformation

By Michael Hogan

​In a presentation to the New Hampshire Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy Board in Concord, Michael Hogan explored market fundamentals and the changing role of demand response, demand response participation and compensation, and technology and retail tariff design in the transition to a decarbonized power sector....

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Presentation June 20, 2019

Value on the Table

By David Littell

​David Littell focused on the grid benefits of advanced clean technologies during a presentation to ISO New England’s Consumer Liaison Group in Westborough, Massachusetts. He examined the value to ratepayers and customers that goes unrecognized and unrealized​ under current wholesale market constructs....

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Presentation June 17, 2019

NextGen wholesale markets: What objectives? What challenges? What solutions?

By Michael Hogan

The International Energy Agency invited Michael Hogan to speak at an invitation-only workshop of its Electricity Security Advisory Panel. He highlighted the importance of flexibility, energy pricing and the role of consumers in wholesale markets to achieve fast, reliable and affordable decarbonisation of energy....

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Webinar (video)

Accelerating the benefits of electric vehicle integration

Please accept all cookies below to watch this video. By 2030, approximately 10 million battery electric vehicles and 18 million plug-in hybrids are expected to be on European roads. As the number of electric vehicles grows, policymakers can unlock extensive value for all consumers, the grid and the environment — provided we integrate EVs strategically...