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Presentation April 13, 2018

The Future of Energy in Oregon: Harnessing Trends and Opportunities

By Jessica Shipley

​Jessica Shipley gave the keynote address at “Charging Forward: the Future of Energy in Oregon,” the 2017 Green ​Business Initiative Symposium hosted by the University of Oregon....

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Presentation April 11, 2018

Smart Non-Residential Rate Design

By Jim Lazar, Carl Linvill

In a RAP webinar held on April 11, 2018, Dr. Carl Linvill and Jim Lazar unpack smart non-residential rate design and  explain how it can produce benefits for customers in your state. Regulators can create price signals for utilities that reduce peak demand, more accurately convey system costs, and give customers incentives to install self-generation, controllab...

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Presentation April 4, 2018

Beneficial Electrification

By Ken Colburn

Ken Colburn discussed the key elements of beneficial electrification for the New York Association of Public Power (NYAPP) annual meeting in Glens Falls, New York. ​...

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Journal Article March 30, 2018

Solar ‘power’: Socio-political dynamics of infrastructural development in two Western Indian states

By Siddharth Sareen, Sunila Kale

The growth and development of solar energy, which is so important in the current global context, is determined by political economic factors, and in turn, has varied implications for energy justice. India’s western region presents a complex context within which to examine why these trajectories unfold in particular ways and to what end. This article first situa...

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Webinar (video)

Smart Non-Residential Rate Design (Webinar)

Commercial and industrial utility customers have the opportunity to use power sector innovations to reduce their energy bills and produce services for the grid. Distributed energy resources, advanced power control technologies, and smart metering can produce private benefits for these customers, but regulators need to know whether the investments will also promote the public interest:...

Presentation March 22, 2018

Discussion of Carbon Management

By David Farnsworth

​In this presentation for Vermont Law School, David Farnsworth explored how the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative provides a strong model​ for a successful electricity sector carbon management program....

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Presentation March 21, 2018

Resilient Counties: Engaging Local Utilities in Energy Planning

By Carl Linvill

Carl Linvill discussed how to engage utilities in county resilience efforts, highlighting collaborative examples from around the country, in a SolSmart webinar for the National Association of Counties (NACo). ​...

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Presentation March 21, 2018

Recommendations for Ohio’s Power Forward Inquiry

By David Littell

David Littell presented recommendations on utility performance metrics and incentives, as well as various forms of revenue regulation, during a session of the Ohio Public Utilities Commission's PowerForward public inquiry.​...

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Presentation March 21, 2018

Beneficial Electrification: What’s Hot, and What’s Not

By Jim Lazar

​In a presentation for the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) Hot Water Forum in Portland, OR​, Jim Lazar discussed criteria to assess whether electrification is "beneficial" and how to quantify the energy, environmental, and consumer benefits of electrification....

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Presentation March 21, 2018

Getting the Full Value Stream from GIWH

By Jim Lazar

​Jim Lazar explored the wide range of economical power system benefits associated with grid-integrated water heater (GWIH) controls, including those that accrue to the bulk power system, the transmission system, and the distribution system, at the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) Hot Water Forum in Portland, Oregon.  ...

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