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Presentation June 9, 2017

Net Metering and Rate Design Trends

By Jim Lazar

Jim Lazar from RAP and Galen Barbose from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory jointly presented on electric rate design issues to the National Council of State Legislatures' Solar Forum in San Antonio, Texas. Their presentations addressed rate design fundamentals, fixed charges and demand charges, and recent trends in rate design in states with high levels of ...

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Discussion Draft June 8, 2017

Stalled Reform in a Politically Competitive State: Uttar Pradesh’s Electricity Distribution Sector

By Jonathan Balls

The electricity distribution sector in Uttar Pradesh has, since the late 1980s, faced the persistent problem of poor performance by its public electricity distribution companies (discoms), which are crippled by high levels of debt. Following years of discussion and at a time of fiscal crisis, in 1999, the government of Uttar Pradesh, supported by the World Bank, ...

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Presentation June 8, 2017

Decoupling and the Power Sector of 2020 and Beyond

By Richard Sedano

In this presentation for the New Jersey Utilities Association, Richard Sedano spoke about revenue regulation, also known as decoupling, and emphasized reasons for implementing it today. Mr. Sedano highlights recent RAP publications exploring decoupling in-depth.  ...

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Policy Brief June 5, 2017

Aligning Europe’s Policies for Carbon, Efficiency, and Renewables: Creating a “Virtuous Cycle” of Performance and Emissions Reduction

By Richard Cowart, Matthias Buck, Suzana Carp

Since the earliest days of environmental policy there has been an ongoing and robust debate over the roles of pollution pricing on the one hand, and direct regulatory and governmental programs on the other hand, as tools to reduce pollution levels equitably and efficiently. Today, as European decision-makers simultaneously negotiate the rules for the 4th Phase of...

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Discussion Draft June 5, 2017

Uttarakhand: The Golden Combination of Cheap Energy and a Large Industrial Base

By Jonathan Balls

Uttarakhand currently enjoys an energy sector where power cuts are limited, electricity tariffs are some of the lowest in India, full electrification is close to being achieved, and the state’s public power distribution company (discom) has low levels of debt and does not require government subsidies. This position has been achieved because Uttarakhand has a la...

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Report June 5, 2017

Energy saving obligations across three continents: contrasting approaches and results

By Steven Nadel, Richard Cowart, David Crossley, Jan Rosenow

One of the major energy efficiency strategies in the EU is a requirement that Member States establish energy efficiency obligation (EEO) schemes or alternative measures that would deliver a growing level of energy savings from measures delivered to end use energy customers. Sixteen Member States have adopted or plan to adopt such schemes, including six whose sche...

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Report June 5, 2017

Stromausfälle in South Australia 2016 und 2017

By Raffaele Piria, Kerstin Bacher, Andreas Jahn

Bei einer Fläche, die fast dreimal so groß wie Deutschland ist, hat der Bundesstaat South Australia nur 1,7 Millionen Einwohner, wovon 1,3 Millionen in der Hauptstadt Adelaide leben. Die sehr dünne Besiedlung stellt eine ökonomische Herausforderung für den Infrastrukturausbau, insbesondere auch für die Stromnetze, dar. Am 28. September 2016 gab es ein un...

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Report June 5, 2017

Will the Winter Package deliver on efficiency first?

By Richard Cowart, Mariangiola Fabbri, Jan Rosenow

The European Commission’s so-called ‘Winter Package' of energy legislation will provide the framework for energy policy in the European Union for many years to come. It contains proposals for a whole range of energy-related reforms including energy markets, energy infrastructure, renewable energy, climate policy, and energy demand. In this paper, we carry out...

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Report June 5, 2017

Costs and benefits of energy efficiency obligations: a review of European programmes

By Jan Rosenow, Edith Bayer

The economics of energy efficiency programmes, including their costs and benefits, have been subject to considerable academic debate lasting well over three decades. However, robust data on the cost-effectiveness of different types of energy efficiency policy instruments is still scarce. A recent investigation into economic instruments supporting energy efficienc...

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Report June 5, 2017

Property transfer tax reform – a game changer for energy efficiency retrofits?

By Andreas Jahn, Jan Rosenow

The selling and purchasing of a home is a critical trigger point for making refurbishments to a property. Buying a property is usually associated with paying a Property Transfer Tax (PTT), which can amount to significant costs to the purchaser. In this paper, we explore the potential for linking PTT to the energy performance of the building that is being sold and...

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