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Policy Brief October 18, 2016


By Hu Junfeng

中国弃风弃光问题日益严重,亟待加以解决。其根本原因在于电网调峰能力不足,而限制电网调峰能力的关键因素是目前实行的单一电量固定标杆电价机制,引入容量电价是提高电网调峰能力的有效措施 。中国目前仅针对抽水蓄能电站和部分地区的天然气发电电站实行容量电...

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Presentation August 25, 2016

Why Are We Talking About the “Utility of the Future?”

By John Shenot

John Shenot spoke at a “Solar Boot Camp” co-hosted by the National Council of State Legislatures (NCSL) and the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) on August 25, 2016, in Denver, Colorado....

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Report October 11, 2016

Eigenversorgung aus Solaranlagen

By Agora Energiewende, Prognos AG, Regulatory Assistance Project

Immer mehr Verbraucher überlegen, ob eine Eigenversorgung mit Solarstrom für sie günstiger ist als der Strombezug aus dem Netz. Mithilfe von Speichern lässt sich sogar ein noch höherer Anteil des selbst erzeugten Stroms zu Hause verbrauchen—direkt oder indirekt, für Strom- oder Wärmeanwendungen wie beispielsweise Wärmepumpen. Wie wirtschaftlich das im E...

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Policy Brief October 7, 2016

Benefiting Customers While Compensating Suppliers: Getting Supplier Compensation Right

By Philip Baker

If the challenges of energy decarbonisation are to be met in a cost-effective, affordable, and reliable fashion, customers will need to increasingly engage with the electricity market. Likewise, as the share of intermittent renewable resources continues to grow, the need for flexibility in both market and balancing timescales will grow. This need for flexibility ...

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Report October 6, 2016

Buildings and the 5th Carbon Budget

By Pedro Guertler, Jan Rosenow

The last 18 months have seen a lot of change in the policy landscape affecting carbon emissions from buildings in the UK. The trajectory to zero carbon new build has been ‘paused’; government support for Green Deal finance was withdrawn with no alternative mechanisms in place to encourage and enable investment by able-to-pay households; and a review of busine...

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