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EU ETS2: Exploring its role in decarbonising transport and buildings

If the video is not visible, please accept all cookies to enable the player. Few aspects of the European Commission’s proposed Fit for 55 legislative package prompted as much debate as creating a separate emissions trading system for the buildings and transport sectors, the new ‘ETS2.’ Given that the Effort Sharing Regulation has thus far...

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Building a Next-Generation Mix of Energy Resources: Procurement Best Practices

Regulators have been thinking for decades about how competition can support an energy resource mix that best aligns with the public interest. Now, the landscape for competitive utility procurement is changing in many ways. Lower-cost renewables, increased electrification, decarbonization targets, and equity and affordability goals all present new opportunities — and challenges — for regulators...

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Anatomy of the Texas power outage: Where do the facts lead so far?

If the video is not visible, please accept all cookies to enable the player. In February 2021, an energy crisis in the U.S. state of Texas dominated the news around the globe. Citizens in homes unequipped for freezing temperatures struggled without power for days. The world watched in dismay as the situation grew more disastrous...

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The ‘magical moment’ is now: Decarbonise heat in the EU

If the video is not visible, please accept all cookies to enable the player. Electrifying heat would push Europe significantly closer to its decarbonisation goals. And there is no time to wait: The heating and cooling sector currently accounts for 50% of the EU’s final energy consumption. Luckily, we don’t need to wait for a...

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Under Pressure: Gas Regulation for a Time of Transition

The way we use fossil gas as a fuel for heating and other end uses is rapidly changing. Energy efficiency and electrification are constraining demand for gas, while climate mitigation goals and increased awareness of health and safety risks require accelerating the transition to new sources of energy. All of these changes are happening while...

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Integrated solutions for electrification: three approaches from three countries

If the video is not visible, please accept all cookies to enable the player. The path to a climate-neutral Europe in 2050 will be paved with a variety of solutions. Diverse conditions in European countries require holistic planning approaches, tailored to local needs, to progress towards a net-zero power system. In the fifth webinar of...

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100% clean, renewable energy and storage for everything (Webinar)

If the video is not visible, please accept all cookies to enable the player. The transition to renewable energy is key to address the challenges posed by climate change, such as air pollution, global warming and energy security. Is a transition to 100% clean, renewable energy actually possible? In his book 100% Clean, Renewable Energy...

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Renovating Regulation to Electrify Buildings: A Guide for the Handy Regulator

New technologies, from air source heat pumps to smart thermostats, are changing the way we produce and use energy — making it cheaper and more efficient to electrify heat and hot water in buildings. But in many cases, existing energy policies and regulatory structures create unnecessary barriers to electrification. A new guidebook from RAP and...

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Smart charging puts the pedal to the metal on emobility (Webinar)

Smart charging represents the intersection where decarbonising power and electrifying transport meet. It is a crucial building block for a sustainable energy system to power electric cars through solar and wind energy. Encouraging consumers to shift electric vehicle charging to hours when the power system is not under stress generates benefits for the grid, the...

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Electrification in the energy transition: Towards net-zero emissions by 2050 (Webinar)

The European Green Deal envisions a carbon-neutral Europe by 2050. Electrification is a powerful tool that can help catapult Europe’s energy transition forward. Accelerated changes are needed in the power, buildings and transport sectors, but they will fail to emerge without robust policies closely aligned with the decarbonisation goal. Leonardo Energy and the Regulatory Assistance...