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Policy Brief November 25, 2017

Transformacja ciepłownictwa 2030. Małe systemy ciepłownicze

By Jan Rączka

87,5% (463 z 529) wszystkich systemów ciepłowniczych w Polsce nie posiada statusu systemów efektywnych. Muszą to zmienić, jeżeli chcą w przyszłości zachować dostęp do pomocy publicznej i nadal dostarczać Polakom ciepło w rozsądnej cenie. Forum Energii dowodzi, że modernizacja polskiego ciepłownictwa jest realna i wykonalna. Trzeba jednak zacząć podejmować decyzje.

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Presentation November 23, 2017


By Wang Xuan


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Report November 21, 2017

Cleaner, Smarter, Cheaper: Responding to opportunities in Europe’s changing energy system

By Energy Union Choices

The cost of clean energy technologies is declining dramatically. While impressive reductions have already taken shape, all signs point in the direction of further improvements, in many cases merging with digital solutions, driving electrification, innovation and competition in energy business models. Few actors in the energy field, politicians or business leader...

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Policy Brief November 20, 2017

Efficiency First in the Energy Union: Progress Report

By Edith Bayer, Yamina Saheb

According to the European Commission, the principle of “Efficiency First” is at the heart of the EU Energy Union’s strategy to transition to a low-carbon economy. Maroš Šefčovič, vice president of the Energy Union, has applauded energy efficiency as a tool by which, “we can help restore Europe to growth, create jobs, reduce imports, and improve air qu...

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Presentation November 17, 2017

Public Policy & Regulation in the Electric Power Sector

By John Shenot

​John Shenot discussed the role of policy as a lever for decarbonization at a colloquium at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law in Denver, CO....

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Presentation November 16, 2017

Performance-Based Regulation

By David Littell

​In a presentation at the Bermuda Energy Summit, David Littell explored principles of innovative performance-based ratemaking for the evolving power sector....

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Presentation November 14, 2017

Analyzing the Role of Natural Gas in Future Energy Markets

By David Littell

In a panel discussion at the annual meeting of the National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates (NASUCA), David Littell discussed the risks to ratepayers of an overreliance on building out natural gas infrastructure. ​...

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Report November 13, 2017

Übersicht über die Energiepolitik und -wirtschaft in Kalifornien

By Mélanie Persem, Kerstin Bacher, Andreas Jahn

Deutschland und der US-Bundesstaat Kalifornien sind seit Jahren Vorreiter der Energiewende in ihren jeweiligen Regionen. Beide setzten ambitionierte Ziele für die Dekarbonisierung der Energiewirtschaft und schreiten konsequent voran – und haben daher einen großen, gegenseitigen Bedarf für den Informationsaustausch. Um in Deutschland ein grundliegendes Verst...

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Presentation November 9, 2017

Harnessing Performance-Based Regulation to Address 21st Century Challenges

By David Littell, Camille Kadoch, Jan Rosenow

​In a webinar held on November 9, 2017, the lead authors from RAP’s report "Next-Generation Performance-Based Regulation" joined Edison Electric Institute to highlight successful examples of performance-based regulation in practice in the U.K., Denmark, France, Mexico, India, and the United States. David Littell, Camille Kadoch, and Dr. Jan Rosenow also di...

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Presentation November 7, 2017

Energy Markets and Market Design Impacts on Renewables

By David Littell

​David Littell discussed market trends and implications for state renewable portfolio standards programs at the Clean Energy States Alliance's (CESA) 2017 National Summit on Renewable Portfolio Standards in Arlington, Virginia....

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