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Building a Next-Generation Mix of Energy Resources: Practical Perspectives

Earlier this fall, we explored next-generation approaches to competitive utility procurement in a webinar based on recent work by RAP and RMI — laying out recommendations for processes that consider all available resources, are aligned with policy objectives, and result in “least-regrets” outcomes. In a follow-up roundtable session moderated by Lauren Shwisberg of RMI and...

Presentation November 29, 2021

Electricity Regulation and Markets: Federal and State Roles

By Carl Linvill, Jeff Ackermann

​In a briefing for the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators, Dr. Carl Linvill provided an overview of electric transmission regulation and markets. Jeff Ackermann discussed unique considerations for Western states....

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Quantifying clean: Electric vehicles and marginal emissions

Please accept all cookies below to watch this video. Net-zero targets are top of mind for all involved in the transition to clean transport and clean energy. Electrifying end uses that were previously powered by fossil fuels, such as transport and heat, always strikes a positive balance for Europe’s decarbonisation efforts. Yet assessing the actual...

Presentation November 16, 2021

Some Thoughts on Rate Design for EVs

By David Farnsworth

​In a presentation for the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission, David Farnsworth explored the role of smart rate design in realizing the full potential of electric vehicles as flexible grid resources. ...

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Presentation November 16, 2021

Participating in Power: How to Read and Respond to Integrated Resource Plans

By Jake Duncan, Julia Eagles, Elaine Prause, John Shenot

In a webinar presentation, Jake Duncan and Julia Eagles of the Institute of Market Transformation and Elaine Prause and John Shenot of RAP discussed how local governments and advocates can effectively engage in the process of utility integrated resource planning....

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Participating in Power: How to Read and Respond to Integrated Resource Plans

To address climate and equity challenges, utilities will have to transform the way they plan – ensuring that a full range of resources are considered to meet utility customers’ needs. One of the most important opportunities to ensure such outcomes is via integrated resource plans, or IRPs, which regulated utilities submit to their public utility...

Presentation November 16, 2021

Time-of-use network tariffs

By Andreas Jahn

The European Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators asked Andreas Jahn to speak at an invitation-only webinar on time-of-use network tariffs for electricity on 16 November 2021. Mr. Jahn explained how time-of-use tariffs for electricity networks can effectively ease congestion on the grid, reduce peak demand and increase system efficiency....

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Presentation November 15, 2021

Performance-Based Regulation (PBR): An Overview

By Camille Kadoch, Elaine Prause, Frederick Weston

​​In a webinar for the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission, Camille Kadoch, Elaine Prause and Rick Weston provided an introduction to performance-based regulation as a key tool for aligning utility, ratepayer and public interests....

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Policy Brief November 8, 2021


By Regulatory Assistance Project


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