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Model Rule

Model Rule: NOx Standards for Water Heaters

Fossil-fueled water heaters represent a significant uncontrolled source of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, which have a variety of harmful environmental effects. RAP developed a model rule for use by U.S. state and local air quality regulators to reduce NOx emissions from water heaters over time. A related technical support document explains the background and co...

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Policy Brief

Public Access and Participation Plans: A Starter Kit for State Agencies

By David Farnsworth, Dara Torre, Donna Brutkoski, Ruth Hare

State government agencies are becoming aware that there is more that they can do to reach communities that may be underserved by agency programs -- communities of color, indigenous communities, and low-and moderate-income communities. This policy brief describes steps that agencies can take to engage these communities more meaningfully as partners and stakeholder...

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Policy Brief January 27, 2023

Tapping the Mother Lode: Employing Price-Responsive Demand to Reduce the Investment Challenge

By Michael Hogan

The rapid and parallel growth in both variable electricity production from wind and solar, and in large inherently flexible loads (such as electric vehicles and heat pumps) presents an opportunity to ensure that each transition is both reliable and affordable. In a future that will be increasingly capital-intensive, demand flexibility can significantly reduce the...

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Policy Brief December 31, 2022


By Max Dupuy, Chi Gao


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Policy Brief January 18, 2023

Discom Business Models Require Changes to Promote Distributed Energy Resources

By Raj Addepalli

In this third part of our distributed energy resources (DER) in India series, we look at changes to the current distribution company (discom) business models. These models can overcome the financial disincentives DERs often face. Instead, discoms can embrace and promote DERs to improve system efficiency, increase consumer savings, and address climate change goals...

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Policy Brief December 16, 2022

Electricity market reform, beyond the gas crisis

By Bram Claeys, Dominic Scott, Zsuzsanna Pató, Sophie Yule-Bennett, Monika Morawiecka

In the past, power market reform happened to increase efficiency, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or to improve reliability and security of supply. Today in Europe, the desire to further change the market stems from the ongoing energy crisis. As the European Union introduces a new round of electricity market reforms, RAP explores where new market regulation w...

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Report December 15, 2022

Standards for EV smart charging: A guide for local authorities

By Luka De Bruyckere, Jaap Burger

The electrification of road transport is happening – and it is already having a profound impact on the energy system and our cities. As more and more people drive electric, smart charging can ease the integration of the newcomers into the grid. Smart charging enables charging to automatically happen at times when electricity costs are lowest – without comp...

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Power Outage Rapid Response Toolkit

By Michael Hogan, Dominic Scott

Interruptions in electricity supply – ‘the lights going out’ – make for arresting headlines and capture public attention. Yet it is strikingly rare for any kind of electricity generation shortfall to trigger blackouts: major reliability events are nearly always the result of grid failure incidents such as wires frying or being damaged by trees. Further...

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Policy Brief December 9, 2022


By Max Dupuy, Chi Gao


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Webinar (video)

Pump up the volume: Heat pumps for a decarbonised future

If the video is not visible, please accept all cookies to enable the player. The most powerful tool for rapidly decarbonising heating in buildings and homes is the humble heat pump. How powerful? The International Energy Agency’s recently released analysis estimates that potential global carbon dioxide emissions reductions from heat pumps can reach at least...