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Policy Brief October 18, 2022

Turning off the gas: Stronger and coherent EU policy to accelerate the fossil gas phaseout

By Duncan Gibb, Megan Anderson, Louise Sunderland, Samuel Thomas

Rapidly phasing out fossil gas demand has become a top priority in Europe. Existing European legislation is expected to achieve only moderate reductions by 2030. The ongoing energy crisis has provided an opportunity to aim for even more extensive decreases in fossil gas demand. Legislation under negotiation, informed by the European Commission’s REPowerEU pla...

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Policy Brief September 29, 2022

Facilitating Distributed Energy Resources Requires Policy Actions

By Raj Addepalli

Distributed energy resources can provide key opportunities that would empower India’s retail customers to improve system efficiency, lower costs, and reduce emissions. In the first part of our DER series, we laid out the arguments for how deploying distributed energy resources (DER) in scale provides a key opportunity to empower customers. DERs include element...

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Webinar (video)

Five key actions for activating household demand-side flexibility

If the video is not visible, please accept all cookies to enable the player. Securing a clean, efficient and affordable power system is a complex undertaking in the best of times. The current energy crisis, however, has compounded the challenge with a cost-of-living crisis, the need to free Europe from its dependency on Russian fossil...

Policy Brief

Modernizing Gas Utility Planning: New Approaches for New Challenges

By Elaine Prause

Significant new uncertainties and options for the gas industry are creating new challenges for regulators who are responsible for ensuring that utility investments are in the public interest. Many of the unknowns relate to the potential for customers to switch from gas to electricity for heating and other uses and the potential for utilities to replace fossil ...

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Presentation September 7, 2022

Utility Regulation in the US: A Brief Introduction

By David Farnsworth

​In a webinar for the Urban Sustainability Directors Network and the Southeast Sustainability Directors Network, David Farnsworth explored the power industry and how it is regulated in the public interest....

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Policy Brief September 6, 2022

Metrics matter: Efficient renewable heating and cooling in the Renewable Energy Directive

By Duncan Gibb, Samuel Thomas, Jan Rosenow

The Renewable Energy Directive (RED), designed to help meet the EU’s ambitious 2030 and 2050 climate targets, sets targets for growing renewables usage for heating and cooling in the building sector. As currently written, however, the RED encourages inefficient uses of renewables in buildings to meet these goals. In this paper, we suggest reforms to the RED wo...

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Presentation September 1, 2022

Performance Targets

By Jessica Shipley

​In a presentation to a National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners working group, Jessica Shipley offered guidance on designing performance-based regulation that meets public interest policy goals....

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Fact Sheet

NOx, NOx — Who’s There? Decarbonizing Buildings Through Nitrogen Oxides Emissions Standards

By Nancy Seidman, John Shenot

This fact sheet, prepared as a poster for presentation at the ACEEE 2022 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, describes the concept of a model rule to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from fossil fuel-fired water heaters, an opportunity to transform the market for these appliances by driving the adoption of cleaner, more energy-efficient elect...

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The clash with gas: Should it stay or should it go?

By Megan Anderson, Jan Rosenow, Richard Cowart

Europe’s stated goal of achieving a net-zero power system by 2050 is inherently replete with enormous opportunities and challenges. High energy prices and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have now ratcheted up the urgent need for action to emergency levels. Policymakers are facing the challenge of a lifetime to secure the supply of energy and protect disadvantage...

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Policy Brief August 17, 2022

Empowering Retail Customers: Improve Efficiency, Lower Costs and Reduce Emissions

By Raj Addepalli

As a tool in combating greenhouse gas emissions, India is aggressively adding renewable energy resources to its electric system resource mix to displace fossil fuel and meet future electric load growth. Much of this is being accomplished using competitive procurement processes and private capital for investment needs. At the same time the country is also rapidly ...

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