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Policy Brief May 5, 2022

How much insulation is needed? A low-consumption, smart comfort standard for existing buildings

By Louise Sunderland

National and local governments are increasingly turning to regulated minimum standards for the energy performance of buildings to kick-start the renovation of the stock. But how can these standards be used to define the most efficient pathway for buildings to fully decarbonise? RAP outlines a standard that defines the minimum insulation, airtightness and ventilat...

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Policy Brief April 26, 2022

Transit Electrification: Challenges and Opportunities

By David Farnsworth, Brian O’Malley

In recent years, states embracing transportation electrification have come to realize that different parts of the transportation sector come with their own challenges and needs. Electrifying the transit sector is no different. Here we focus on the electrification of public transit and highlight some of the major topics that both transit agencies and public utilit...

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Report April 26, 2022

The time is now: smart charging of electric vehicles

By Jaap Burger, Julia Hildermeier, Andreas Jahn, Jan Rosenow

The transition to zero-emission mobility and a decarbonised energy system are best planned in tandem, and electric vehicles will play a key role in both shifts in the coming years. Automakers are already committing to phasing out internal combustion engine vehicles, making Europe’s transport future electric. EVs are more than a cleaner vehicle; they are a power...

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Policy Brief


By Wang Xuan


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Presentation April 20, 2022

Grid Operations and Why They Matter for Air Quality — Part 2

By Nancy Seidman

In the second part of a training for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Management Association (MARAMA), Nancy Seidman explored the air quality and health benefits of energy efficiency and electrification....

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Policy Brief April 18, 2022


By Max Dupuy, Lars Møllenbach Bregnbæk, Luis Boscán

近日,国家发展改革委、国家能源局发布了《关于加快建设全国统一电力市场体系的指导意见》 (发改体改〔2022〕118号)。该文件为电力市场改革又向前迈出了重要一步,比如,该政策中制定了总体目标,要求在2025年前,“国家市场与省(区、市)/区域市场协同运行,电力中...

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Policy Brief April 15, 2022

Price shock absorber: Temporary electricity price relief during times of gas market crisis

By Michael Hogan, Bram Claeys, Zsuzsanna Pató, Dominic Scott, Sophie Yule-Bennett, Monika Morawiecka

European policymakers are weighing possible responses to the extraordinary surge in energy prices and the consequences for citizens and industry. The European Commission expects to issue additional guidance in May, following analysis due in April from the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators. Targeted relief to vulnerable consumers should be undertaken...

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Presentation April 14, 2022

Grid Operations and Why They Matter for Air Quality — Part 1

By Nancy Seidman

In a training for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Management Association (MARAMA), Nancy Seidman discussed regional transmission and opportunities for collaboration among air quality regulators, state energy offices and utility commissions....

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Policy Brief March 30, 2022


By Max Dupuy, Wang Xuan, Fredrich (Fritz) Kahrl


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Report March 28, 2022

The perfect fit: Shaping the Fit for 55 package to drive a climate-compatible heat pump market

By Richard Lowes, Jan Rosenow, Dominic Scott, Louise Sunderland, Samuel Thomas, Andreas Graf, Marie Baton, Steve Pantano, Peter Graham

Removing fossil fuels from heating is a goal of policy makers around the world in order to decarbonise energy systems and to remove exposure to fossil fuel imports. Alongside efficiency measures, the key technology to replace fossil fuels for heating is heat pumps. In the EU, where fossil fuels — mostly gas — dominate the heating mix, rapid action on heat is ...

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