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Report November 16, 2020

Electrifying EU city logistics: An analysis of energy demand and charging cost

By Julia Hildermeier, Andreas Jahn, Felipe Rodríguez

Heavy-duty trucks are the main source of pollution and noise from urban freight. Electrifying these fleets brings substantial benefits to cities and the freight companies while advancing the transition to clean transport. Moving to electric fleets at an affordable price is possible today, if logistics operators understand the associated costs. This study by th...

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Presentation November 12, 2020

Why Rate Design is Important for Reducing Air Emissions

By Nancy Seidman

​In a presentation for the Western States Air Resources Council/Western Regional Air Partnership board, Nancy Seidman highlighted the importance of smart rate design as a tool to reduce air emissions....

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Presentation November 11, 2020

Making a Clean Energy Future an Equitable One

By Nancy Seidman

During a panel discussion at the 2020 annual meeting of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, Nancy Seidman discussed RAP's recent work on equity issues in the energy sector and points for intervention....

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Electrification in the energy transition: Towards net-zero emissions by 2050 (Webinar)

The European Green Deal envisions a carbon-neutral Europe by 2050. Electrification is a powerful tool that can help catapult Europe’s energy transition forward. Accelerated changes are needed in the power, buildings and transport sectors, but they will fail to emerge without robust policies closely aligned with the decarbonisation goal. Leonardo Energy and the Regulatory Assistance...

Policy Brief November 5, 2020

Demand Charges: What Are They Good For?

By Mark LeBel, Frederick Weston, Ronny Sandoval

Demand charges have existed since nearly the beginning of the electric industry. Although utilities often favor them, economists have continually questioned whether these rates — applied to an individual customer’s maximum short-term usage in a billing period — are an efficient form of pricing. This paper does a deep dive on demand charges and cost causatio...

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Presentation October 29, 2020

Roadmap for Transportation Electrification: Options for Lawmakers

By Camille Kadoch, David Farnsworth, Mark LeBel, Frederick Weston

​In an interactive webinar, Camille Kadoch, David Farnsworth, Mark LeBel and Frederick Weston explored RAP's Roadmap for Electric Transportation in further detail, discussing the variety of ways states have addressed EV planning and incentives, removed barriers and empowered regulatory agencies as a means to increase transportation electrification. Clara Summer...

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Roadmap for Electric Transportation: Options for Lawmakers

Electrification of the transportation sector — cars, trucks, buses, taxis and ports — provides an opportunity for states to save citizens money, create jobs, improve public health and combat climate change. High levels of EV adoption with smart charging can provide benefits to all of society — not just EV owners — and the power...

Presentation October 22, 2020

Recognizing Electrification Benefits

By David Farnsworth

At the Electrification Virtual Summit hosted by the Electric Power Research Institute, David Farnsworth explored customer and grid benefits from beneficial electrification and the need for comprehensive cost-benefit analyses to ensure the cost-effectiveness of electrification initiatives....

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Presentation October 21, 2020

Perspectives on Aligned Planning

By John Shenot

​In a workshop for the Michigan Public Service Commission, John Shenot discussed a need for improved utility planning processes in today's power sector and highlighted the work of the NARUC-NASEO Taskforce on Comprehensive Electricity Planning....

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