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Presentation April 27, 2021

Beneficial Building Electrification

By Jessica Shipley

For the PJM States Environmental and Energy Regulators group, Jessica Shipley explored some key benefits of building electrification, including cost savings, improved grid flexibility and reduced emissions....

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Webinar (video)

Integrated solutions for electrification: three approaches from three countries

Please accept all cookies below to watch this video. The path to a climate-neutral Europe in 2050 will be paved with a variety of solutions. Diverse conditions in European countries require holistic planning approaches, tailored to local needs, to progress towards a net-zero power system. In the fifth webinar of the Electrification Academy, Leonardo Energy...

Presentation April 12, 2021

Open Data Access Standards Approaches

By David Littell

​In a panel for the Building Performance Association's 2021 National Home Performance Conference, David Littell explored several state approaches and key policy drivers for governing customer energy utility data access. ​...

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Presentation April 7, 2021

Electric Vehicles: Regulatory Considerations

By David Farnsworth, Camille Kadoch, Mark LeBel

In a presentation to the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners' Staff Subcommittee on Accounting and Finance, David Farnsworth, Camille Kadoch and Mark LeBel provided a comprehensive overview of regulatory considerations for electric vehicles....

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Presentation March 31, 2021

Establishing Clean Energy Goals Through RPS and CES Policies

By John Shenot, Camille Kadoch

​John Shenot and Camille Kadoch presented to a group of decision-makers interested in the differences between renewable portfolio standards and clean energy standards. The presentation also analyzes net-zero policies and additional considerations....

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Presentation March 24, 2021

Building Rate Design for EVs from the Ground Up

By Mark LeBel

In a presentation to the Regulatory Commission of Alaska, Mark LeBel explored smart rate design principles for electric vehicles, with an emphasis on time-varying pricing based on the fair allocation of costs....

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Report March 24, 2021

Getting on track to net zero: A policy package for a heat pump mass market in the UK

By Richard Lowes, Jan Rosenow, Pedro Guertler

As the UK energy system moves towards net zero compliance, heat pumps will likely play a key role in this transition. In fact, the government is currently proposing a target of 600,000 heat pumps to be installed annually by 2028. This is an ambitious goal, but it will fall far short of deployment levels needed to meet a net zero target. Today’s Renewable Hea...

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Discussion Draft

Ladeblockade Netzentgelte

By Andreas Jahn, Fanny Tausendteufel, Kerstin Meyer, Thorsten Lenck

Wie Netzentgelte den Ausbau der Schnellladeinfrastruktur für Elektromobilität gefährden und was der Bund dagegen tun kann.

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Policy Brief March 22, 2021

Looking Beyond the State Targets: Renewable Energy for Export

By Surabhi Joshi, Rasika Athawale, Dheer Patel, Tim Simard

India’s fully synchronised national power grid and ongoing reforms in the wholesale markets have created a perfect foundation for beneficial power trade across Indian states, especially for renewable energy like solar and wind-based power. As renewable energy becomes progressively cheaper, renewable-rich states are in the perfect position to trade with low rene...

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Policy Brief March 9, 2021

Considering minimum energy performance standards for Germany

By Louise Sunderland, Andreas Jahn

The buildings sector is Germany’s largest energy consumer. It is responsible for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. Deep renovation of its building stock is crucial to ensuring the nation can meet its ambitious climate goals. The country needs new, effective and, most important, complementary policies to drive renovation rate and depth. Despite enjoying a rela...

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