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Report January 8, 2021

Renovating Regulation to Electrify Buildings: A Guide for the Handy Regulator

By Jessica Shipley, Asa Hopkins, Kenji Takahashi, David Farnsworth

New technologies, such as air source heat pumps and smart thermostats, are changing the way we produce and use energy — making it cheaper and more efficient to electrify heat and hot water in buildings. As the power grid gets cleaner by adding more renewable energy, it will make home electricity use cleaner too. This reality presents an opportunity for building...

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Presentation January 5, 2021

Transportation Electrification Trends

By David Farnsworth, Camille Kadoch

In a presentation for the Kansas Corporation Commission, David Farnsworth and Camille Kadoch discussed opportunities for advancing transportation electrification through existing planning processes....

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Policy Brief January 5, 2021

Energy communities with grid benefits: A quest for a blueprint

By Bram Claeys

Throughout Europe, energy communities are becoming more abundant as the continent moves towards a cleaner, greener future. It’s easy to see why many people find them appealing — these communities allow organised groups of energy consumers more of a say in their energy choices, while saving money. Member States are discovering that enabling individuals to beco...

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Report December 22, 2020

North Carolina Energy Regulatory Process

By Josh Brooks, Dan Cross-Call, Heather House, Jessica Shipley

North Carolina’s 2019 Clean Energy Plan set a goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions in the state’s electricity sector by 70% from 2005 levels by 2030 and being carbon-neutral by 2050. The plan emphasizes affordability and economic growth at the same time. Throughout most of 2020, state energy stakeholders explored ways to update utility regulations and ...

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Presentation December 15, 2020

Using PBR for Electric Vehicle Grid Integration

By Megan Anderson

​In a webinar hosted by the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, Megan Anderson provided an overview of opportunities for performance-based regulation in transportation electrification and discussed RAP’s report Metrics to Measure the Effectiveness of Electric Vehicle Grid Integration. ​...

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Presentation December 7, 2020

PBR and DER in a Changing Regulatory World

By Ann McCabe

​In a presentation for a National Council on Electricity Planning Annual Meeting, Ann McCabe explored the promise of performance-based regulation as a tool to achieve utility and customer value from distributed energy resources....

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Webinar (video)

Smart charging puts the pedal to the metal on emobility (Webinar)

Smart charging represents the intersection where decarbonising power and electrifying transport meet. It is a crucial building block for a sustainable energy system to power electric cars through solar and wind energy. Encouraging consumers to shift electric vehicle charging to hours when the power system is not under stress generates benefits for the grid, the...

Presentation December 3, 2020

EV Policy Options for Montana

By Camille Kadoch, David Farnsworth

​In a webinar for Montana legislators and energy office staff, Camille Kadoch and David Farnsworth discussed electric vehicle policy options and the role of integrated resource planning in advancing transportation electrification....

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Policy Brief November 25, 2020

Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive 3.0: How to maximise the energy efficiency opportunity for climate neutrality

By Marion Santini, Samuel Thomas

In its 2030 Climate Target plan, the European Commission suggests raising the ambition of the EU’s energy efficiency policies to reach climate neutrality by 2050. It mentions the possibility of increasing the energy savings obligations under Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). This paper provides a rationale for increasing the contribution of...

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Fact Sheet November 18, 2020

Electrifying city logistics in the European Union: Optimising charging saves cost

By Julia Hildermeier, Andreas Jahn, Felipe Rodríguez

The use of electric trucks in urban and regional logistics has great potential to cut emissions in the freight sector and accelerate decarbonisation of transport. A key question for logistics operators is how to optimise truck charging in order to take advantage of lower electricity prices and excess renewable energy on the grid. To avoid the significant costs th...

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