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Policy Brief August 17, 2022

Empowering Retail Customers: Improve Efficiency, Lower Costs and Reduce Emissions

By Raj Addepalli

As a tool in combating greenhouse gas emissions, India is aggressively adding renewable energy resources to its electric system resource mix to displace fossil fuel and meet future electric load growth. Much of this is being accomplished using competitive procurement processes and private capital for investment needs. At the same time the country is also rapidly ...

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Presentation July 28, 2022

Understanding the Western Grid: Building a Renewable-Ready Western Grid

By Carl Linvill

​In a presentation for the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators, Dr. Carl Linvill discussed the economic and decarbonization benefits resulting from regional collaboration on transmission projects, as well as the role legislators can play in paving the way....

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Policy Brief

FERC Transmission: The Highest-Yield Reforms

By David Littell, Elaine Prause, Frederick Weston

Most of America’s transmission grid was built in the 20th century to serve central power stations burning coal, oil, more recently, fossil gas, and nuclear stations.  In a world where solar and wind energy are now less expensive than fossil-fuel generated energy — and much less expensive with the costs of pollution are considered — it is indisputable that ...

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Policy Brief July 13, 2022

A Clean Heat Standard for Massachusetts

By Richard Cowart, Nancy Seidman, Mark LeBel

The burning of fossil fuels for heat accounts for a significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions and burdens many families and businesses with high energy costs. Meeting climate and equity goals requires that we find effective and affordable pathways to rapidly revamp the thermal sector. This policy brief — prepared as an appendix to the Massachusetts Cle...

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Report July 12, 2022

Levelling the playing field: Aligning heating energy taxes and levies in Europe with climate goals

By Jan Rosenow, Samuel Thomas, Duncan Gibb, Ruben Baetens, Andries De Brouwer, Jan Cornillie

Taxing energy in line with its environmental harm aligns the prices facing consumers with policy objectives. Energy taxes and levies encourage energy efficiency and raise revenues for governments, which can then dedicate them to energy transition projects. Not all energy sources are equal, however, when it comes to their environmental-damage costs. Adding taxes a...

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Policy Brief July 8, 2022

Revitalising EU-Ukraine cross-border infrastructure for a secure, clean energy future

By Monika Morawiecka, Oleh Savytskyi

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is having a significant impact on the Ukrainian power sector. In recent years, the sector had started moving towards greater integration with the European Union and was making inroads into the shift to renewable energy sources. The current situation is very challenging; not only is it slowing the nation’s energy transition, bu...

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Presentation June 17, 2022

Draft RAP Model Rule for Water Heater NOx Emissions

By Nancy Seidman, John Shenot

​In a presentation for national advocates, Nancy Seidman and John Shenot proposed an innovative model rule concept to reduce nitrogen oxides emissions from water heaters, a significant source of emissions that has received little attention from state regulators....

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Report June 16, 2022

Electrifying last-mile delivery: A total cost of ownership comparison of battery-electric and diesel trucks in Europe

By Hussein Basma, Felipe Rodríguez, Julia Hildermeier, Andreas Jahn

Europe’s increases in online shopping and delivery over the last two years show no signs of waning. Parcel delivery vehicles make up one of the most significant heavy-duty vehicle segments by volume in Europe, recording a market share of 11% in 2020. Fortunately, their predictable schedules and relatively short routes make last-mile delivery vehicles a prime ca...

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Fact Sheet June 16, 2022

Electrifying last-mile delivery: Battery-electric delivery trucks soon cheaper to use than diesel trucks in Europe

By Hussein Basma, Felipe Rodríguez, Julia Hildermeier, Andreas Jahn

Decarbonisation of the heavy-duty vehicle segment in Europe is crucial to curb greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions from the transport sector. Last-mile delivery trucks for city logistics are a promising application for electrification given their low daily mileages and the opportunity to recharge at depots when not in use. However, it is still unclear how thes...

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