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Presentation June 2, 2022

Evaluation Methods for Grid Investments and DERs

By John Shenot

​In a webinar for the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission, John Shenot explored cost-effectiveness methods and the increasing applicability of benefit-cost analysis for grid modernization investments and distributed energy resources. ...

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Presentation May 26, 2022

Where Do We Go From Here: Visions for a Clean Heat Standard

By Richard Cowart, Stephen Dodge, Erin Overturf, Megan Gilman, David Farnsworth

In a webinar discussion, panelists discussed efforts across the country to put in place clean heat standards or other mandates for reduction of emissions from thermal end uses....

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Presentation May 25, 2022

A Strategic Clean Flexible Load Reserve

By Carl Linvill

​At a UC Davis Energy and Efficiency Institute meeting, Carl Linvill discussed flexible load as a grid resource and highlighted steps to build an effective strategic flexible load reserve. ...

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Presentation May 25, 2022

Electricity Pricing: Drivers, Practices and Pitfalls

By Carl Linvill

At the Financial Research Institute’s Advanced Electricity Seminar on Utility Rates and Pricing for the Future, Carl Linvill explored smart rate design fundamentals and exposed some common policy pitfalls. ...

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Presentation May 19, 2022

Draft RAP Model Rule for Water Heater NOx Emissions

By Nancy Seidman, John Shenot

​In a presentation for committee members of the Ozone Transport Commission, Nancy Seidman and John Shenot discussed progress on their innovative model rule concept to reduce nitrogen oxides emissions from water heaters, a significant source of emissions that has received little attention from state regulators....

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Webinar (video)

Where Do We Go From Here: Visions for a Clean Heat Standard

The term “transition” implies moving away from one thing and toward something else. The energy transition in the United States has challenged utility regulators to ensure that the movement away from fossil-fuel-dominated resources, and the adoption of lower-carbon resources in their place, will not put at risk the economic benefits, security, and reliability associated with...

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The time is now: smart charging of electric vehicles (Webinar)

If the video is not visible, please accept all cookies to enable the player. European policymakers and car manufacturers are increasingly committing to the phaseout of internal combustion engine vehicles. With this shift to electric transport, tariffs and services for so-called smart charging of EVs bring significant value to consumers and the power sector. Now...

Report May 9, 2022

Owning the future: A framework of regulations for decarbonising owner-occupied homes in Scotland

By Catrin Maby, Louise Sunderland

Scotland’s recent Heat in Buildings Strategy sets out a plan to achieve the ambitious target for all Scottish buildings to be decarbonised by 2045. In practice this means replacing the heating systems of nearly 90% of Scotland’s 2.5 million homes that are currently heated with fossil fuels. As part of its regulatory framework, the Strategy states that all hom...

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Policy Brief May 5, 2022

How much insulation is needed? A low-consumption, smart comfort standard for existing buildings

By Louise Sunderland

National and local governments are increasingly turning to regulated minimum standards for the energy performance of buildings to kick-start the renovation of the stock. But how can these standards be used to define the most efficient pathway for buildings to fully decarbonise? RAP outlines a standard that defines the minimum insulation, airtightness and ventilat...

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